“Monsters” – Movie Review

Monsters, a very mellow, yet colors and sound atmosphere  that makes it that much more concerning. Even with the sounds playing from ear to ear than both at the same time for different sounds.

We begin with a man, trying to feast upon a chicken leg. However, his attention comes to the camera, addressing the audience as a judgmental person. Because we (the viewers) are judging there kind, even though he states there are other monsters throughout the world.


However “The Man” has they call him, is pretty much the whole short film in 10 minutes. Explaining the Monsters, that came into his area and made everyone retreat to the underground, hence the signs on the walls behind him. Notice the AIR RAIDS. Eventually these people started to attack these Monsters, now raffling them as a food source.


Mainly within the whole 10 minutes we listen to “The Man” talk about the stories of how the Monsters, became the Monsters of the Monsters, Monsters. Meaning his kind had to strike fear within everything, to become the legends.

Then us the viewers, did this to there people. Destroying there worlds, turning them into the things that go bump in the night. Because we are the Monsters.

“Monsters” has a nod to the old TV shows we all once adored, and even though it could happen. This world is full of them.

“Monsters” premiered at a festival in Leicester UK, November 2018.

Produced by Steve Green of Vamporama Films.

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