“Deadly Crush” – Movie Review

When a painter rents a secluded cabin to jump start her creativity, she has sex with a ghost and finds herself part of his plan to bring itself back to life.

Directed and Written by Dakota Aesquivel.
Starring  William SadlerCourtney GainsJenna Willis.


Although Deadly Crush is a fun movie with a very twisted ending. It does have some flaws, but as we move forward. Scenes that seem to take a possible serious turn? Tend to lack some possible lighting flaws, I will point out not all the acting doesn’t seem believable but there’s just times where I felt, “okay that’s enough.”

It was nice to see that “Kit” was played by the writer and director, and I must say he wasn’t bad. I’m only saying that because, I once myself played a short role for a short anthology tale entitled DEAD STATIC as the cameraman. While having known icons in the film as well.

The movie also has a nice “Cabin in the Woods”, almost “Evil Dead” vibe. Whether or not those are really nods, it’s hard to tell once it goes out of the woods. But even from the beginning cheesiness to the end it’s a fun entertaining movie.

But I did find myself laughing, for not taking the movie serious at times. Only because I remember hearing and reading articles about an real woman “marrying” and sleeping with a ghost. Then divorcing the ghost.


Deadly Crush is a nice film to watch for entertainment, while some acting isn’t spot on, other times the acting is brilliant. And let’s not forgot the well done made shots as well.

You can learn more about Deadly Crush by following there
Facebook, Twitter and Official Website. Watch the film on Amazon.


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