UNLISTED OWNER – Blu-ray Pulled

As you guys saw our article about Unlisted Owner finally arriving on Blu-ray, it seems Amazon had another arm to pull.

After a few weeks of being up, peaking at Amasons Top 100 in the top 80. Amazon has now pulled it down from pre-orders. Which it did have a release date as of April 30th 2019.

I awoke to this email regarding my order.

Tempe Digital commented

It hasn’t been canceled, there’s something funky going on, because they did the same thing with the ROBOT NINJA MOD DVD and soundtrack CD. Vendor support promises all three will be available again soon, and the titles show as “active” at my end. No idea what’s going on!

And to help back up another weird thing, this is from Amazon Vender Support.

“I understand your concern regarding availability status for the given 3 items.

We reached out to the concerned team and they have updated listings successfully. I request your patience as the changes will go live on site within 24- 48 hrs.

Amazon Vendor support team will be tracking the case until the content goes LIVE on the website. So please do not worry on the same.”

This response was from a week ago mind you.

Apparently it’s known for Amazon to do this, then have it released closer to street date. However, I’ve seen this happen as well. And it doesn’t get relisted. So what exactly is going on?

I reached out to film maker Jed Brian for a comment.

“We are having some issues with amazon. For some unknown reason they have taken down pre-orders for “Unlisted Owner” on Blu-ray and refunded those who have pre-ordered. Amazon has yet to give us a clear answer as to why they have done this since this is a active title with a official release date. We apologize for anyone who has experienced this issue and we are doing our best to resolve it. Unfortunately this issue is out of our hands and will hopefully have updates coming soon! Once again once the link is active again we will re-post it!”

Jed K. Brian
Lawford County Productions

What are your thoughts about this?

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  1. I hope Amazon sorts this out soon. It’s unfortunate that the creators and audience who pre-ordered the Blu-Rays, have to suffer without their fault.

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