“Frank at Home on the Farm #1” – Kickstarter

The story of a man returning home from the front line of World War 1 to find his family mysteriously missing from their farm. FRANK is an intense tale of horror and paranoia where nothing makes sense and everything that barks also bites.

Frank At Home On The Farm #1 is the giant-sized 32-page opening chapter of a beautifully illustrated four part miniseries. The isolationist horror of The Shining meets the body-horror of David Cronenberg’s best work – all wrapped in a terrifying mystery that will keep you guessing till the very end.

With a story from the disturbed mind of Jordan Thomas (CADAVERS: WORLD GONE TO HELL), art from the deranged pencil of Clark Bint (MURDER MOST MUNDANE) all overseen by the demented wreck that is Matt Hardy, FRANK AT HOME ON THE FARM is one horrific mystery you will not want to miss.



Within the first 19 sample pages out of 32, I have a very cool review to handle I would say. Frank At Home on the Farm Issue #1, has a very nice layout and the artwork is very crisp and stunning. We witness Frank, coming back from the war (I’m assuming), wearing a soldiers uniform with a backpack trying to get home and greet his folks.

However it seems Frank might have some nightmares of his own, or maybe some sort of day / night terrors. Upon arriving home and walking to greet his folks, no one is present. However Frank found signs as if someone has recently been there. After grabbing some soup he set out into town and went into a shop.

Animals, stuffed all over the place. Here it shows the first signs of Frank hallucinating when the older lady turns to have a very disturbed “Pig Face”, before shaking his head to come back out of whatever is going on. Reaching out for help with the old lady, and a local police seems to not be able to help find Frank’s “missing” family.


Things start to turn for even the worst here, a dog seems to have drawn blood by attacking someone. While Frank panics and starts to have flashbacks from the war, mangled corpses, screaming for help. While then it seems, soldiers are now forming to be cows, ripping flesh off Frank, wanting him to taste himself.

I myself have not heard of Mad Robot Comics, but I already did this idea. I personally can’t wait to grab this comic when it gets funded, just to finish and see what happens next. Remember right now you can back this project right now on Kickstarter.



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