Why Showtime’s Dexter is a Treat for Horror fans!

Doakes: You give me the creeps, you that, Dexter?

Dexter: Yeah, I know, sorry about that!

Showtime’s Dexter is a well known series for the crime investigation theme and it is indeed a crime-thriller drama and less of a horror series as there is no inclusion of paranormal in it. However, there are some parts, art style, music and direction decisions which makes Dexter a treat to watch for any horror fan.  Let’s see what horror fans would love about Dexter!

Haunting music:

Daniel Licht (RIP) has created a beautifully spooky music for Dexter. The main intro music, theme song and the end of episode music, all feel like they’re having a tune which could easily be re-used for a horror movie, game or a show. It reminded me of Alan Wake, and Silent Hill music. The way intro song is made is itself innovative as the song maker have used the real sound of tools and cutting in it. Direction makes Dexter’s morning routine feel artistic. With shaving, mixer and cutting all reminding us of what Dexter likes the most- cutting and chopping.

Direction of some episodes:

Some episodes just scare you or at least make you jump. A particular episode in which Dexter’s sister Debra goes alone in a dark house to arrest a serial killer who chases women in a maze which reminded me of SAW movies & Outlast games, is very scary to watch. It feels similar to a horror movie scene or like horror games. Season 4 episodes were pretty dark and disturbing, especially near the end. Episodes with references to the Holy Bible’s Revelations were particularly shot like it’s all done by an unknown and invisible force (till we find out who the Doomsday killer was, and it was a big surprise!)

Style of serial killers:

Some serial killers are very brutal while some are even scary to look at. From the way they behave to the way kill their victim feels like we are watching a splatter movie like Friday the 13th or Evil Dead. Horror doesn’t have to involve ghosts or demons, as proved by the classic movies like Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and The Silence of the Lambs then some modern horror movies like Final Destination. Serial killers of Dexter’s universe are frightening enough because they kill people in a brutal gruesome way.

Dexter’s way of finishing his job:

Even though Dexter kills the killers and not innocent people, the way he kills them is a ritual like a serial killer (of serial killers). The way he communicates with them and the way he disposes their body by cutting the body in pieces, filling trash bags and then dumping in the Bay Harbor feels creepy. So creepy that he knows it will traumatize anyone if he is seen doing stuff like this.

Series’ main lead, Dexter, being a blood spatter analyst and believer in logic and science than spirits means that Dexter wouldn’t even think of any murder being done by a ghost.  But that doesn’t mean the series is not creepy in its own way. The thrill to see if a particular character can escape death, style of some serial killers, blood, music and story-telling of some episodes is similar to horror genre.

So, if you haven’t watched Dexter series yet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a great thriller to go on a watching spree.

Watch all episodes of Dexter Season 1-8 on Demand on Showtime here.

Dexter on Twitter.


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