Maru Studio’s 암전:Blackout is a Very Creepy Indie Horror Game Released on Steam! [Updated with a New 8 Minutes Gameplay Trailer]

Recently, I came across a very creepy looking indie game. According to the Steam page, Maru Studio’s Blackout is ‘a single-player game which was inspired by the horror movie that gets you spooked. It’s a brand new, truly terrifying game with high quality. Now, it’s the time to experience endless tension.
Exceptional 3D graphics, realistic simulation and horrifying sound scares the pants off you’.


Here’s the Official MARCH PRE-RELEASE Gameplay Trailer-

The description provided on the Steam page is even more creepy, especially the bold parts:

You will play Eric who will lead this game. One rainy day, he goes out to find his wife who disappeared.
You’ll be wandering in the house which is blacked out. 
The mysterious accident in this house will turn your computer itself 
into the house that’s being haunted.

You need to find a way to avoid coming under the devils’ control who ruled the world of darkness.
The devil has power and will make you panic.
You will realize that you can survive only when you overcome stress and horrible fright. 

Eric has seen black shadow wandering around his house every day.
Never ever let it come into the house!
His soul will be taken right away.
One day, when he came home later than usual, he found his wife is missing. 
He started to find out what’s happening and solve mysteries in his house.
The ominous atmosphere in his house started to become terrifying fear gradually.
Eric has no idea but to become drawn into darkness and fear to find his wife.
Blackout aims to make you spooky and greatest horror while playing this game.
Blackout will show you that the scariest devil is in your heart.

In the game’s forum, in one thread a person asks about the gameplay style, to which the developer say that the trailers will help you figure out the gameplay style. The gameplay does seem like Outlast, P.T. (This game was also previously called Last Hills) or Resident Evil 7. The graphics remind me of Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. On that note, here’s the latest environment trailer:

The mysterious accident in this house will turn your computer itself 
into the house that’s being haunted. 
(The spookiest part!)

암전 (Korean) when translated with Google Translate, is Cancer. So, it may play some part in the story or gameplay. But for now it sure has added some mystery… The Game was supposed to be released in ‘March 2019’ but got delayed due to Korean law and now it is released on Steam on 23rd April 2019

[UPDATE by the developer on Steam- 25th March 2019]:
암전:BLACKOUT 이 한국 등급분류 신청으로 인하여 출시일이 4월로 연기 되었습니다.
대한민국 게임개발자는 의무적으로 게임등급신청을 거쳐야 스팀에 출시를 할수 있게 법이 개정되었습니다.
기대하시고 기다려주신 모든분들께 불편을 드려 죄송합니다.
빠른 시일내에 출시할수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.출시일이 결정되면 공지 올려 드리겠습니다.


“Pre-cancer: The BLACKOUT was postponed to April due to a Korean classification application.
The Korean game developer has been required to apply for a game rating to be released on Steam.
We apologize for any inconvenience you may have anticipated and waited for.
We will try to release it to the fast few days. When the release date is determined, we’ll put up a notice.
I appreciate it.”

The game’s initiation description describes the fear in a very personal way: “You will be lost in the labyrinthine house and chased by the devil in the blacked out house. You will experience tremendous fear, stress and madness playing this game and something invisible makes you get panicked and lose your mind.”

Check out the Maru Studio website, Steam Game Page , Maru Studio’s FaceBook page, IndieDB and Maru Studio’s YouTube Channel for more information.

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