“Ghost Island: Possession #4” – Comic Review

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The final issue of Ghost Island, Josh is inside his room looking for his wife photo. “Looking for this?” came from the black mailing male reporter that clearly recorded everything. Unfortunately for Josh, the reporter edited the recording file of there conversation making Josh say. “I did it, I killed her.”


Everything comes together, even though after the last issue I started to put things together. And they say, spirits can follow you wherever you go.

Possession collides everyone into the finale, well sort of. Within this 22 page piece, why does it always seem to not answer everything. But, it’s enough to I hope satisfy the reader nonetheless. I guess you could say the reporter also got what was coming to him, while the female reporter, kind of , was in the wrong place at the wrong time. While Billy is in fact found which ties into the colliding if not predictable ending.


My final verdict of the Ghost Island series, as much as I like it. I felt we didn’t get to really see and learn the Asylum, if this held 200 or so patients, it could easily been a lot more interesting horrors or have learned what kind of experiments they performed. While learning what other kind of spirits lived there, if it acted as a new home for those seeking revenge. However, like I stated in the last review, we could have possibly gotten Issues #3 & Issue #4 has 40+ pages if the funds were in fact there. Then, we really could have gotten the history and more spirits within the last two issues.

Maybe instead of starting the revamped Kickstarter for Issue #3, they could have waited till more people were more involved and were demanding another issue. Instead it was rushed and left out tons of information that I think could have been Ghost Island ten times better, but Ghost Island is a nice nod to what I have mentioned in Issue #1.


In which case, get ready. Because back in December 2018. Joey confirmed that
Ghost Island #5 The Exorcism, is in post production.


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  1. Nice review. The experiments and more details sounds like a good idea but if the lack of funds was the main issue then can’t completely blame them for it. Even big projects like AAA games and movies have to cut content to accommodate the budget. Best wishes for #5 comic!


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