Interview: John Russo | The Living Dead Legend

We had the pleasure to talking with John Russo, co-writer of Night of the Living Dead. We talked how he got into writing, the headaches of being in the business. And how what John has put out recently, like his latest film “My Uncle John Is a Zombie”, and Epidemic of the Living Deadbook.

Song courtesy from John Russo. From the My Uncle John is a Zombie soundtrack .

For more information regarding My Uncle Is a Zombie visit

To purchase Epidemic of the Living Dead check it out on Amazon.

To keep up with John Russo visit his website at






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  1. Mr John Russo’s life story is an inspiration for any novice novelist and film maker. He proves that if we continue to do the stuff we love, even as a hobby or a side gig, we are bound to make it big some day. 600 bucks and 10 people is all it took to start the legendary journey of film making! Thank you for bringing us the interview of such a legend. Such experiences are treasures we ought to cherish and preserve. I am glad everything Horror Podcasts has become the treasure chest of such priceless interviews. Keep it up guys, you’re the best!

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