“Folktales of the Cryptids Vol. 1” – Comic Review [UPDATED]

Sunshine starts off with a mother talking to her baby “sunshine”. As the baby went to sleep easier than what the baby boy has done in the past, the Mother tries to rest. At this moment, we see some claws and spikes on a creatures back opening the window to Tommy, the baby’s room.

As the mother got off the phone with her husband and tries to sleep herself, that’s when all hell opens up. The monster it seems to have taken the baby, if not already eating Tommy. Once outside the husband arrives home witnessing the wife in horror from what has happened.

My thoughts on the first tale is that, sunshine is nice and short. Straight to the point as if not wasting time getting there. However the PDF file I have I think got some pages mixed up with how the events went down. But, Afterligtht Comics did reach out to my concern and clarified the idea. The idea of the forward and back was intended for the wife “retelling” of the story. Otherwise the colors are very well done, and the artwork seems to have improved if I may say? Either way, Sunshine will make you think twice about leaving your baby’s room.


What can be said about the really fast pace story of Papa. That the colors and artwork are just stunning, even though there’s hardly any words and let’s the artwork tell the tale. From what I’ve gathered it’s a hunting trip gone wrong, a deer is snagged in a bear trap. This creature or maybe a Bigfoot doesn’t like the hunter here at all.

Remember Me is about a older couple that which case, the wife has dementia. The older man is caring for his wife, feeding her and getting her ready for bed. But as the night goes on, the farmer hears the sounds of the cows making some noise late at night. This is the tale of the chupacabra, making the older gentleman feel alive once more.

I felt sorry for this old gentleman, Remember Me takes on a horrid disease of dementia. Not even the wife remembers who her husband is, in which have been together for 30 years as we find out. Even though there’s not much dialogue again, the colors are still spot on. Especially when the older man goes outside.

Romance Is Dead is a nice touch to the whole, a male trying to get lucky taking there parents car and showing there lady friend who is with them, the gorgeous view of there town. But instead of just some creature ruining the night out, its the infamous Mothman.

I really like the purplish colors mixed with the design of the mothman. And hopefully in the future we can see Folktales of the Cryptids have more issues.


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