Resident Evil 2 April Fools Zombie Recruitment Prank Site by Capcom [Now Updated With Funny Recruitment Over Message by Capcom]

For April Fools Day 2019, Capcom has created a unique campaign for fans of Resident Evil… A zombie recruitment site which allows you to apply for the job as a zombie! Once you apply, you randomly get assigned a job or if lucky, your application gets rejected because you get a protagonist result like Hunt/Leon/Claire. Be sure to try it out while it lasts. It may not be available tomorrow! Use the links given below-:

If you’d like to see it in action or if Capcom removes the site, here’s a video of me trying the April Fools RE2 Prank myself:-

What do you think about it? What result did you get? Do let us know. Stay Safe and Stay Scary! Happy April Fools Day!

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