“STAY AWAKE #1” – Comic Review

STAY AWAKE is the brand new series from Afterlight Comics, funded March 8th via Kickstarter. Isaac Banks, a psychologist is forced to revisit the cases of three of his former patients, when a detective reveals that each have died under suspicious circumstances.

Within the first three pages we see there’s a bad side to this Mr. Banks. Detective Inspector Jennifer Lane comes in, as Mr. Banks assistant shows the Detective in. He turns to the door and says “What do I pay you for woman!?!” As Ms. Lane looks around and notices he won an award for Clinical Psychological Division. Soon to question Ms. Lane motive of being here.

Detective Lane, found something missed when going through these three cases that were shelved. Each person that has died was once under Mr. Banks as a patient.


Once situated with Dr Issac Banks, Detective Lane puts the patients folders down and starts recording. Dr. Banks opens up the first case file, Audrey Roberts. After a moment it seems silence hung over, while Jennifer Lane moved the situation forward.

Audrey Roberts suffered from Sleep Paralysis. A sleep or waking disorder where people cannot move, and is trapped inside of a “real” nightmare. Her mother suffered from alzheimers and starting to forget who she was, which after her passing started her sleepless nights.

Aubrey discribes her first encounter having taken a shower, putting face mask on while preparing the funeral. When trying to sleep, this creature came in, as no sound came out of Audrey’s scream. When the creature announced “Mother is here.”


My final thoughts of the issue #1 of Stay Awake is, for something written by Joey from Afterlight that was shelved as a stage play. It’s great to see it come to life, as much as this like most comics are short. It’s hard to really feel out Dr. Banks, especially snapping at his secretary.

In conclusion, I am curious if we will learn more if all three cases tie into each other. Stay Awake shows that no matter what Sleep Paralysis is real and scary.

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We are an Independent British Comics Publisher based in Liverpool, England. Established by Writer/Founder Joseph Oliveira in 2017.



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