Stranger Things 3: The Game is an Interactive Retro version of the Netflix’s Show Releasing on 4th of July 2019!

After the announcement of Netflix’s much awaited Stranger Things Season 3, which is a hit 80s themed horror show, now the official game for it has been announced for Mobile, PC, Mac, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. Both the show and the game have the same release date- 4th of July 2019!! Developed by the indie game studio, BonusXP Inc, the game is an artistic 16-bit retro game that lets you explore the Stranger Things universe, fight enemies and interact with other characters!

Watch the Official Game Teaser here-

The developer is BonusXP Inc, an indie game studio, based in Allen, Texas, USA. The players can explore through the world of the hit Netflix original series in the official game. The game is designed for fans of all skills levels, and it features drop-in/drop-out local co-op play.
The game will launch alongside Stranger Things Season 3 Show on Netflix on July 4, and will be available for fans and gamers on multiple platforms, including the Xbox One, PS4, and Switch consoles as well as PC, Mac, and a streamlined version on mobile.

Judging from the Teaser, The Stranger Things Game for Season 3 might as well spoil the show for you, so we suggest you to play the game after watching all the Season 3 episodes on Netflix!

Bonus XP, Inc. had also created the free Stranger Things game for iOS and Android too. Check it out by using the following download links

Stranger Things The Game for Android OS:-

Stranger things The Game for iOS:-

The first Stranger Things Game is well received by the players and the Season 3 game seems to be a much better and bigger game considering co-op and levels that follow the Season 3 very closely. Also we can see a lot more improvement in terms of character design and Pixel art. The first game was single player mobile only but the Season 3 game will be co-op and for consoles as well. More characters and powers too.

Stranger Things (2017) FREE Game’s Gameplay:-

Check the comparison below:-

First Game
Season 3 Game

Check out the show’s official trailer if you haven’t already! :-

Follow these official links for more information about the game:-

Official Game Website:-




Stranger Things Netflix Page

Indie Developer BonusXP website.

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