Interview: Tony Wash & Ben Lewandowski | The Rake | Skeletons In the Closest

On this episode, Paul and Tessa chat with Tony Wash (Director, Writer, Producer) and Ben Lewandowski (Director, Editor) about The Rake (2018) and finishes with there Skeletons In the Closest (2018).

Get ready to learn a lot, between what would have been The Rake to what we actually got. Ben explaining how he doesn’t care for the film, anxious of moving into Skeletons In the Closest chat will be known, but could you blame him? However, for someone that thinks there “an idiot” to start editing films. At least we can say, he does very well at creating the movie before our eyes. Tony discusses with us lots as well, between back and forth of The Rake, filling in some story that we never got to see to his idea’s of Skeletons coming to life 20 years later. They also talk about there upcoming film releasing next week, “High On the Hog”.

* The “Skeletons In the Closest” Theme song is performed by Vic Vasquez & Tim Walczynski. And comes courtesy of Tony Wash *

Skeletons In the Closest Review

The Rake Review








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  1. This was one of the best interviews I have heard. Every minute, we get to know more details about The Rake 2018 and Skeletons in The Closet movies. While I enjoyed both the movies, I think it would be very interesting to see the Director’s Cut (or Uncut) version of the Rake 2018. It has a huge potential to be a good franchise.Maybe they should experiment with other Creepy Pastas too. I got to learn a lot about editing, directing and movie producing thanks to this episode. Many important questions were answered about the two movies by Scotchworthy Productions. Thank you for doing this episode and having no limit on the length. Not editing any section gives it a very authentic and complete feel. 2.2 hours were very worth listening to. Keep it up guys!


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