“Wendigo Wood #1” – Comic Review

Wendigo Wood is now the third series from Afterlight Comics. And this baby starts off like those kind of horror movies, a couple driving down a secluded road to decrease an hour off their trip. While coming up to a sign that’s originally said, “Welcome to Whisper Wood”. Only to see the word Whisper crossed out and replaced with Wendigo.

While talking to each other, they stumbled upon another vehicle. However, it seems dead and quiet. And instead of turning around, due to not having enough gas. Which next gas station would be pass these peoples vehicle they came across.

The husband stepped out to move there car to pass them, but things didn’t quite go as planned. Especially when there’s a baby in there back seat, I guess trying to be a “hero” was more important. One of these villains wore a mask of the Native American vision if a Wendigo.

Fast forward now to a man target practicing with his rifle, his wife had passed from cancer. But made sure that the Priest would check on him, to try helping with grieve about the incident with his daughter. However he doesn’t seem to be a believer (I’m assuming) with kind of the way he talks with the Priest.

Priest had brought him beer, as they chatted about his wife, daughter and guiding him through it all. After he had left, the father of Marissa got something to eat for him and the dog. Then pulls out a box of VHS’s with one entitled “Marissa’s 10th Birthday”,

The father of this lost daughter, is a retired Veteran. I have forgotten to mention it earlier. And still believes his daughter is still alive out there, as the comic pans his room or rooms, you see the research he has done with articles and just feels like a person trying to be that cop pointing out everything with the red thread connecting to specific pieces it seems. And that’s when the phone rings.

I’m digging the artwork in this series as well. It’s got a nice touch of colors, while illuminating the nights outside. And follows a cult following of “Wendigo”. I don’t know if this can somehow be related to like, Ritual. Which is a Netflix Horror film,

but it could serve as a way of these people to protect them from the actual Wendigo’s of the “Whisper Wood”. And that’s why sacrifices of newborns are need, or I just completely butchered the idea of this story.

It’s nice this had more pages to tell more than what happened with issues, three and four from the Ghost Island series. Also, we don’t really see much about these kind of monsters. I can’t wait to see what Afterlight Comics brings to the table with Wendigo Wood.

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  1. Nice review. Wendigo legend is gaining much popularity now so the comic ought to be pretty successful. Best wishes to the comic!


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