“Wendigo Wood #2” – Comic Review

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The father is headed to Wendigo (Whisper) Wood with his dog. Almost stopping to take a leak for both of them they continue onward, the Cult is already prepared and armed the road to blow out the tires of the vehicle. Hoping to kidnap yet again another baby.

When the vehicle finally crashes into the woods and rammed a tree, the Cult members surround the father and dog. Disappointed that in fact there was no child, the leader of the current situation tell the rest to drag him out and kill the poor dog, who is now trying to protect his owner who had been knocked out from the crash.

Rescued from the ambush attack, we learn more about the Cult and their reason’s behind killing males, keeping females alive to turn them into Breeders. Meaning to breed them to get fresh newborn babies. Because apparently the cult believe to keep the Wendigo’s away, is by newborn babies.

The man mentions his daughter mysteriously called the other night, leading him here because “they are coming” hoping that this person who saved him could give advice on finding these people. In order to continue, the former Veteran needs to start believing.


Issue #2 provides more details of this Wendigo Cult, and from what I’m gathering, it does feel like it’s familiar with Netflix’s Ritual. Unfortunately, it does seem there’s no telling what kind of legend tales was used to inspire some of the ending scenes. But don’t be alarmed, there’s a lot of tales and legends of the infamous Wendigo. Most known cause of being one, is cannibalism or being to greedy. The colors once again, I mean they pay attention to shadows and how bright an area should be. Although it seems, this series is gory and that’s the way I like stories based on legends. As long as it’s done right.

I cannot wait to read the continuation of Wendigo Wood #3 when it comes out, and right now clock in your calendar for October 2019. When Afterlight Comics brings the next installment onto Kickstarter.


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