Into The Dark: Pooka!

Into The Dark Season 1, Episode 3: Pooka! is directed by Nacho Vigalondo. Written by Gerald Olson.

A journey into the mind of madness. Wilson (Nayasha Hatendi) attends an audition for, what he thinks is supposed to be a big-time acting job, but turns out to be for a character marketing and promotion. The audition is odd and gives him an uneasy feeling. Yet, given the terms, he decides to take the job.

Pooka is the newest children’s toy craze. But is Pooka really child’s play? When Wilson puts on the costume, he becomes Pooka. A completely different personality from his own. A whole different person from himself. Like two separate entities. Likewise, when a child plays with Pooka, it is able to show varying emotions. It mirrors the child’s emotions, making it a complex creation by default.

When you dig deeper into the complexity of the toy design, you begin to wonder about the behind-the-scenes creation of it. It’s as if Pooka is a human in a toy’s body. How is such a concept even possible? Thank the state-of-the-art technology, where almost anything is possible, no matter how bizarre the thought.

During the auditions, Wilson is told to repeat a set of hand gestures and movements, which resembles a simple dance. But it in an innocent dance, or is it more complex than that? What is the story behind the dance? What is the story behind Pooka?

Pooka! has complexity in its simplicity. The concept, the story, the visual artistry of the practical and special effects. There’s darkness in its vibrancy. This episode is like an onion: it has a soft surface, but its layers are complex.


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