Interview: Christopher Wells | The Luring

From all the way from Brooklyn, NY. Christopher Wells, known for tons of shorts well maybe like a few, but it’s still all shorts. The Luring is Christopher’s first full length debut film. Filmed in our home state, Vermont. I chat with Christopher about the struggles, learning how to get the right amount of cuts for a film, the film festival route, will the film see a VOD or DVD release and more.

The Luring is about a man named Garrett who tries to recover a lost memory that took place during his tenth birthday at his family’s vacation home in Vermont. Unbeknownst to him, something unspeakable happened; as a result Garrett was found in a non-responsive state by his parents. Psychiatrists call it dissociative amnesia – a loss of memory due to a traumatic event – but Garrett will soon learn some memories reveal things he wished weren’t true. In this surreal psychological thriller the weird and wonderful takes place as pure evil manipulates the vulnerable.

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  1. I like how ‘View & Stop’ are red in this interview’s thumbnail/featured image which feels like a hidden message. I liked this interview a lot. I agree that there are people who go to theaters and use mobile phones which is annoying. We can’t even tell anyone because kids and other people these days just won’t listen. The immersion of viewing is only possible when we have mobiles on silent and we fully concentrate on the movie. Animal loving joke was cool. The YouTube issue of blind haters is very serious and it is a lot worse now because of the dislike bombing and less appreciation of indie makers. “So, you think you can make better than this? Then make a movie yourself or just shut up!” seems like a great response. People on IMDb and Amazon Prime also add just hateful reviews and not constructive criticism. Plain bashing is pointless and bad when the viewer doesn’t add any advise or suggestion to the movie creator for improvement of the future product.

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