Haunted Hospital: Heilstätten – Movie Review


Haunted Hospital, or Heilstätten was directed by Michael David Pate and produced by Till Schmerbeck. And before I dive into my review, here’s the trailer for the film below.

To start off I want to say, this movie at first didn’t have me at “Hello?”. With the two “Pranksta’s” and lady that took a selfie every 10 seconds it seems. But Haunted Hospital Heilstätten gives us a new look at Found Footage Paranormal films.

With the idea of getting viral footage of a “Do you dare?” by surviving 24 hours within the abandoned hospital ends up meeting a whole new meaning of going viral. Where people are on there phones constantly, and that’s all they know is to feed there audience with stupid obnoxious videos that get eaten up with likes.

When trying to get things going, it feels like your normal paranormal film with the few people acting stupid, disrespecting the abandoned building(s) by kicking off and knocking off the doors of the place. Which I hope those weren’t real doors and were practical effects that were made, because otherwise this film takes me away and actually not liking the people. Anyways, as it gets dark they get set up and dive into the surroundings of the abandoned hospital.


Things really start to turn for the worst when Betty (the girl who is selfing herslef every 10 seconds) wanders off by herself to record her thoughts and a specific room, met with a ghostly woman in a bathtub. The scene takes off from there to sky rocket the scares and if not the deaths.

Regrouping with everyone to head back to where this ghostly bathtub lady was only to find nothing but a empty one. One of the “pranksta’s” pulls out a black light flashlight and starts looking for any signs of traceable blood that Betty claimed to have seen and recorded. Which lead the group to finding a disturbing message written in old German created by blood.


I think I’ve said enough to hopefully draw your attention to Haunted Hospital Heilstätten. My final thoughts is, it’s found footage done possibly in a new way. I haven’t seen much of something like this done, even though it did almost give me a Grave Encounter type vibe. However the practical effects for the ghost was spot on creepy, and as Heilstätten is a real place, that alone is creepy and amazing to see all in it’s own way of it’s atmosphere.

What damages the film however, is the poorly written dialogue. It’s literally like watching someone on YouTube saying and doing anything to go viral and be known, and talk about some annoying lines and if not annoying acting. Within the first 20 minutes you already want everyone to get killed by the vengeful spirit or spirits. But unfortunately that’s not the case here, and also there’s probably one character that you don’t want dead.

In conclusion, Haunted Hospital Heilstätten takes the found footage paranormal to a different level. One I personally have not seen. But suffers from not having thought out lines which relies heavily on like I stated of someone trying to become the next big thing on the internet while some acting makes you shake your head. I wouldn’t personally say I don’t recommend this film, but I don’t highly recommend seeing it unless you literally have nothing to watch and don’t mind watching something that’s stupid and clever near the end.

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  1. A very nice detailed review of this movie. I like how you tell us about the wrong things shown in the movie regarding the old buildings and also viral wannabe generation of today. This does seem like a good movie to pick up for a die hard fan of the genre.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s true. The excitement and novelty factor dies out quickly so unless a movie is 15 minutes short film, they need a lot more reasons to keep the audience interested in the movie.


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