The Nun

The Nun is an hour and thirty-six minute long Mystery Thriller film. It made a whopping three hundred an sixty-five point five million dollars in box office with a budget of only twenty-two million. It was released on September 6th, 2018.

Directed by Corin Hardy which he also directed the 2015 film The Hollow. The film stars Demián Birchi who also starred in the 2015 western film The Hateful Eight as Bob and also stars Taissa Farmiga from American Horror Story Series.

The Nun was first introduced into the Conjuring series during the second film. The Nun was actually the main protagonist in the film, but its origin story is a lot more darker and sinister then you expect.

The Nun takes place after World War II in Romania where an evil force is terrorizing an abbey. Word gets out to the Vatican about a sister committing suicide at the abbey. The Vatican sends a priest named Father Burke and soon to be Nun Sister Irene to the hills of Romania to investigate the mysterious death of the nun, but they soon realize the death of the sister wasn’t just a coincidence.

What I find most intriguing about this film is that it’s just not an origin story of the entity it also leads into an origin story of an exorcism that Lorraine an Ed Warren did.

There isn’t much I can really nit pick about this film. I really was satisfied by the plot of the whole film from start to finish. The soundtrack was excellent I believe it really helped the movie out well.

I would recommend this film for anyone whose into the Conjuring series or just into origin stories. I also believe out of Annabelle and The Nun the nun is the better side story I believe, so go check it out really

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  1. Awesome brief review of The Nun. I liked the images you used. I enjoyed the movie at theater too. It was spooky and had some good jump scares. The characters could use some more backstory and The Nun origin could be explored more but hopefully The Nun 2 will answer these questions. The Nun is still enjoyable for The Conjuring fans.


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