Dr. Moreau’s House Of Pain

You gotta love the misconception of some movies. Take Dr. Moreau’s House Of Pain. It’s supposed to be about a doctor who is specializing in crossbreeds (humans and animals). This is a potentially great concept and vision. Yet, the execution is…comical. The movie was released in 2004, but it plays more like an 80’s film. The audio is not great; it cuts in and out between dialogue. There’s also that static sound in the background.

The story follows  Eric Carson (John Patrick Jordan), Judith (Jessica Lancaster), Gallagher (Peter Donald Badalamenti II). They are trying to tackle in on this mysterious doctor that has unorthodox practices. They get more than they’ve bargained for when they come in contact with some freaky-looking creatures and are held, hostage. Their individual experiences with the creatures differ. But there’s a thin line between pleasure and pain, so sadomasochism takes place very lightly.

Touching more on the vision in Dr. Moreau’s House of Pain; it’s a good one. Movies involving unorthodox doctors and crossbreeds are always interesting. Such as with films like Bernard L. Kowalski‘s Sssssss and David Cronenberg‘s The Fly. Some of the jewels of the 70’s and 80’s decades. The movie poster is creative, as are most of the posters from these decades, and earlier decades. That’s one of the best qualities of earlier decades in cinema entertainment: the depth of creativity and imagination. The posters tell stories that a lot of these movies struggle to tell. Speaking of storytelling, the story in this film starts off slow and lingers unnecessarily. Clocking out at under 1 hour and 15 minutes, the film could have been shorter, eliminating that annoying lingering that a lot of films have.

Observing the poster for Dr. Moreau’s House of Pain, you can conjure up speculation of the story. It involves a house with weird-looking creatures that will bring pain upon it’s ‘clients’. When I say the creatures look freaky, that’s an understatement. The look the costume team is going for is good, but the practical effects are low-quality. What’s supposed to be human-animal crossbreeds look more like humans wearing animal masks.

Dr. Moreau’s House Of Pain has a vision that is worth checking out. Don’t expect much of anything else besides the potential to be what it couldn’t be.

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