Late Fee

This is one hefty price to pay for not returning movies on time. In fact, if movie rentals did this in real life, I would never rent them because who even turns movies in on time? Yet, the concept for Late Fee is superb. The owner of a movie rental store has a strict late fee policy for his rentals. Anyone who does not adhere to the rules and return the rentals before due time suffers the consequences. Meanwhile, it keeps his inventory well stocked. Watching the film, you will get this movie insider pun.

So…we have the main story, which centers on a young couple who are trying to have a nice, relaxing night in for Halloween. They decide to visit the movie rental store where they were told had the scariest movies of all time. This ventures off into other secondary stories, which take place when they watch the movies.

The first film is Pick Up. It follows a prostitute who takes her clients to a motel. It is soon revealed her true identity as well as the unorthodox business which they partake. Damnation is the second film. It follows an innocent woman who is randomly targeted by a mischevious cop and is thrown into a nightmare and a fight for survival.

So, we have an anthology film, which has an awesome concept vision. One of the best in my opinion. Yet, the acting is not up-to-par and therefore, not intimidating enough to captivate me. Poor acting can make or break a film. It’s hard to connect with the characters onscreen regardless of their circumstances if they can’t adequately portray their roles. So, that scene where someone is being brutally tortured doesn’t conjure much emotion if the protagonist can’t articulate being brutally tortured. Likewise, the antagonist has to articulate their role as the predator. Not intimidating in this movie.

The special effects are good for the most part, so there was a good investment in that department. And, in a lot of cases, special effects are very important because, again, if you have a gory torture film with low-quality special effects, the end results are likewise. I can’t take a film seriously with cheesy special effects. If someone is being mutilated, I want to see ‘real’ guts and intestines. Not Italian sausage and ground beef smothered with ketchup.

A great example of this Grotesque (and I will go into more detail on this film in the review). I will never forget when I watched this movie. The reviews for it were enticing. When I see sayings like “This film is sick and twisted” or “Not for weak stomachs”, I am immediately attracted to that because I am like a daredevil when it comes to movies. I want to see how far I can go into the sick and depraved, and how much my mind can take before I lose my sanity (which will never happen because I’m too strong-willed). I thought Grotesque would be that movie after all of the hype. But guess what…it wasn’t that movie at all. Actually, the movies to end up imprinting on me were Takashi Miike‘s Imprint which is featured in the Masters Of Horror series, Pier Paolo Pasolini‘s Salo, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom, and Srdjan Spasojevic‘s A Serbian Film. More on these films in reviews.

Late Fee has art in storytelling that is well worth the watch.

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