“Ghost Island #5: The Exorcism” now on Kickstarter

Finally since last issue of Ghost Island #4 Possession, funded September 21st 2018 through Kickstarter.com. Now comes Ghost Island #5: The Exorcism, second to last Issue of the series. Yes, meaning it will all come to an end next issue. Ghost Island #6, which is still untitled since the focus is on this one.

★★★★ – “Ghost Island will make you never want to step on a abandoned one again.”

This upcoming issue, The Exorcism. A priest and Psychic Josh Evans face their toughest challenge yet, when they are forced to perform an Exorcism.

While Joey Oliveira had this to say about the current Kickstarter campaign that you can find and pledge right now by visiting the Kickstarter campaign clicking here.

“I’m happy to bring more ghosts and creepiness to Ghost Island, as we start heading toward the finale.”

“I believe fans of the series will enjoy what’s coming in #5.” – Joey Oliveira

Are you gonna be part of the funding? While you wait, make sure you’re caught up on the previous issues #1-#4. Pledge today to get all FIVE Issues at once or head over to http://afterlightcomics.com and add all four issues of Ghost Island and use promo code EHPODCASTS for 10% OFF your order at check-out! Start reading the paranormal experience today.


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  1. The artwork and story seems like a great homage to the Exorcist movies and The Conjuring but with a fresh feel and characters. Awesome review, once again!


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