“STAY AWAKE #2” – Preview of What’s to Come

Back in February we saw Joey Oliveira from Afterlight Comics launch STAY AWAKE #1 on Kickstarter. Which raised $3,876 from their $3,655 goal.

From there I did my review of it as well, stating “Stay Awake is the reason why we don’t want to go to sleep.”

Right now as we wait for the anxious return of STAY AWAKE #2, head over to Kickstarter and pledge on Ghost Island #5 The Exorcism.

From a latest update on the previous campaign of STAY AWAKE, Joey told us the following.

Hey there! I’m here to give an exciting update to you!


The feedback i’ve been receiving from Stay Awake #1 has been pretty amazing, so thank you for all the messages i’ve been getting as of late, so much work goes in to each issue, so it’s really encouraging to hear such positive things.


So i’m really excited to let you know that the artwork for STAY AWAKE #2 is completely finished! All that’s needed to be done is the colouring & lettering by myself.

Stay Awake #1 was the first comic i’d ever coloured, so i should be more efficient this time around with completing pages.

I’m looking towards the summer for a Kickstarter Launch of STAY AWAKE #2. The book will be 100% completed and ready to send out the following month.

Here’s your first look..

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