“Amelia Sky: Issue #1 Anti-aliasing Awakening Pt.1” – Comic Review

Twelve year old Amelia Sky wakes up in a collapsing high-rise stricken with amnesia. She escapes only to find our once beautiful world engulfed in fire. In her search for answers she stumbles upon two survivors Eleanor and Ace Rigbi. While taking refuge with the pair Amelia discovers the world has been lost to an invading race known as “The Shriekers.”

Issue one starts November 2021, literally six months, two years away from this review of posting. And already the storm of the “end of the world” has started, with Amelia’s parents only protecting themselves by what seems to be the right thing to do. Kill her.

Before much can be done, we see a building blowing up. Leaving Amelia behind, while the parents flee the scene of what they hope will end there daughters existence. Which I need to mention, apparently Amelia isn’t normal, everyone as the parents claim know how powerful she really is. As the next scene starts within one month later.

We need to realize that after what was mentioned above, we need to really think of the fact that Amelia has been out cold for over a month from when her parents left her to die. Which makes me wonder how she even survived without food or the fact of drinking water, which in real life water can keep you surviving for longer before having to eat.

Once awake, Amelia falls out of the building and colliding with the hard ground. Pretty tough little girl if you ask me, however at this point in time we meet a dog (Ace) that could possibly belong to someone as Amelia calms the dog and follows after the dog starts leaving. As we meet our first creature, which of course is a mutant spider. While meeting a new character, Eleanor.

Amelia, stubborn, just woken up. And already is anxious to find her parents. After the chaos described by Eleanor of what has happened, Amelia just isn’t wasting time to find her folks. Eleanor tried to act as a mother figure and a good nurse to aid Amelia with food and rest, it still seems Ace, the dog is once again on the move to protect his new friend.

Upon arriving at an address that she thought would belong to her folks, came to nothing but a empty place with a gift that was waiting to be opened for who knows how long. The gift? Necklace with the letter “A”.

My final thoughts of Issue #1 of Amelia Sky, first off I love the water color feel. It makes the atmosphere of the “End of the World” more darker than what could be, since there seems to be no more sun after the invasion of these “Shriekers”. There’s nothing pages without dialogue to even really enjoy the illustrations. Amelia Sky has a nice touch, has me intrigued to continue the story of Amelia. While excited to see what new creatures await within this universe.

Amelia Sky is a must read for any fans of horror, superheros or just to have a thrill.

Amelia Sky Issue #3 The Monster Within Tells You

Kickstarter Relaunch May 31st.

For more information check out http://who-is-amelia-sky.com

Purchase Amelia Sky

Purchase Amelia Sky


Writer: Jermaine M. Boyd • Has been inspired by science fiction since he could remember. Having spent most of his childhood reading great works by some of his favorite authors Orsen Wells, Ray Bradbury, and Arthur C. Clark.

This love of storytelling gave way for a great love for writing short stories.  Superheroes stories like Batman, Spiderman and Superman drove a young Jermaine to write his first story and many more after. Amazing storytellers catalyzed him to aspire to become a scriptwriter.

Illustrator: Gwynn Tavares • Started out her art career as a sculptor. After a few years working special effects on movies themed off of graphic novels she diced to go into sequential art. Majoring as an illustrator, Gwynn is also an accomplished comedian and lives on a sail boat in San Francisco Bay.

Editors: Issue #2 Anti-Aliasing Awakening Pt.2

Editor: Brittany Matter • Is a comic book script editor. Like her heroine Carrie Fisher, she is a Script Doctor, and her scalpel is a proofreading pen. Brittany’s specialty lies in developmental editing for the following genres: sci-fi, fantasy, children’s and traditional literature, crime, noir, and horror (even though that last one scares the bejeezus out of her).

Editor: (Issue #2 Amelia Sky, The Remains) • Nicole D’Andria: Is a script editor, submissions editor and marketing director for Action Lab Entertainment. She also writes comic book related articles for Comic Frontline and pop culture lists for Screen Rant.

Letterer: Kuen Tang • Known as The Mighty Kuen, she is the first quadriplegic comic book letterer in the world to work for DC comics and first to wheel the Great Wall of China.  On weekends, she turns into a Murderball player, adventure seeker and disability advocate. By night, fights the evil villain called “Inaccessibility” by creating comic strips that deal with disability issues.

Editor: Issue #1 –  M.J Samm was born with secret aspirations to become the next James Bond. However since her lack of British heritage has pushed that dream aside she now spends her days as the girl who will never grow up. Having worked as a Producer for web-series such as “Lagged Out” as well as a Comic Journalist for Geek Legacy, she now spends her days as a freelance Comic Editor. Her experience includes working on comic strips, ongoing and mini-series from creators all around the globe whose work can be seen in IMAGE, IDW Publishing, and BOOM! Studios. Her background in successful crowd-funding comic projects (most recently UNLAWFUL GOOD)

Concept/Cover Art Illustrator: Issue #1 Mike Redman

Concept/Cover Art Illustrator: Issue #1 Tyler Street

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  1. The water color effect is really beautiful, almost like Okami Game of Capcom. The setting is very scary as she’s all alone and that too, in a post apocalyptic type of a world just like The Last of Us and The Death Stranding. Nice review as always, Paul!!

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