Interview: Jason Lorefice | Vermont Bigfoot Encounters and Beyond (Part 1)

What’s hiding in the woods of Vermont? Paranormal researcher and former private investigator Jason Lorefice has spent over 10 years investigating the strange, the bizarre, and the unexplained. Not widely acknowledged, the Green Mountain state has been home to a population of large hairy hominids we most commonly refer to today as “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch.” In his quest, Lorefice has investigated and documented several dozen cases of eyewitness accounts of mysterious hairy bipedal creatures that roam our Green Mountains. Reports of these Sasquatch creatures are nothing new to the state of Vermont. In early times, English settlers describe experiencing such creatures in the night with glowing red eyes and ear piercing screams. Eyewitness accounts date far back as the 1800’s where some residents of Bennington describe their encounters with the “Bennington Monster.” It’s in the Glastonbury Mountains where 7 people have mysteriously vanished under very strange circumstances. Who or what is to blame for these mysterious disappearances? There’s never any shortage of theories. Lorefice gives us plenty of evidence suggesting that Bigfoot is more than just an urban legend.

Paul and Allen chat with Jason to discuss his experiences, stories and what other type of Cryptoids are really out there. This is Part One, Jason got disconnected and we ended up rescheduling for Part Two. If you have any questions for Jason for his return please comment below.

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