“On the Trail of… Bigfoot” – Documentary Review

First off, this review was made before the interview with Seth Breedlove. It may seem I’m attacking the production a bit, but I’m simply adding suggestions to what could have made some sections better and or different. Than what has been mentioned before. Also keep in mind that this is my first introduction to Small Town Monsters. And the documentary synopsis is as follows below.

Directed and told from the perspective of Seth Breedlove, “On the Trail of… Bigfoot” was filmed across the United States during 2018. In scope, it’s one of the most ambitious projects Small Town Monsters has ever attempted. But don’t look for our typical recreations or terrifying animated sequences here. “On the Trail of” is a scaled-back, ground level approach to epic subjects.

A series that allows one filmmaker to bring their own, singular vision to a huge subject and offers a unique storytelling opportunity for the audience, as well as the teller. In March 2019, you’ll travel to Mount St Helen’s, home of one of the most infamous Bigfoot encounters in history, as well as the mountainous regions of the Olympic Peninsula, the darkest southern swamps of Arkansas, the temperate rain forest -like regions of southeastern Oklahoma, the lushly forested Carolina, the hills and hollers of Kentucky and West Virginia, and the dense wooded sections of New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Along the way you’ll revisit some places you’ve traveled to in our films (Minerva, the Chestnut Ridge, and Fouke), and see some familiar faces.

“On the Trail of Bigfoot” takes us into six different episodes surrounding different topics to try and answer for us, using witnesses, stories while taking a skeptic point of view as well. Small Town Monsters is also a independent production company that offers films, such as this one or “Beast of Whitehall” or the famous known story of “Boggy Creek”.

But what exactly is different within this six episode miniseries? Whelp, there is possibly one if not a few answers I can personally say from watching this very thought out, informative take on finding light on the topic of Sasquatch aka Bigfoot.

Chapter 1: Creatures of Legend

The start of of the documentary, as we listen about an encounter mentioned from Seth. Diving into the facts of how long we’ve actually been hearing about these creatures, where as the 1800’s was the first published article found about seeing a “Wild Man”. The episode rings in from other people on insights, sharing their thoughts on the idea of having a gorilla type creature walking amongst us, as a way of “we don’t need these around.” However touching on the forest of Northern Washington, a place once used for mining. The woods surrounding the area is massive, that I myself writing this am thinking, there’s no way we haven’t explored this whole forest yet. Which would be a perfect hiding place for a Sasquatch. Also shining on the Native Americans culture of dealing with them, and what they’ve called different ones considering the region. Whether the Native Americans dealt with friendly or aggressive types. This first Episode is filled with tons of Legends, newspaper articles, acknowledgements of what we know or think as we prepare for the sophomore chapter.

Chapter 2: The Birthplace of Bigfoot

How could something like Sasquatch go under our radar and be undetected, that’s what Seth is trying to figure out. From a Bigfoot group that tries getting trail cam shots, photos of footprints, to possibly hair samples. While in Northern California we witness and see the original Jerry Crew Track Cast, who caused a media frenzy. While in 1967 the Patterson Griffin video is still one of the best evidence of a Bigfoot to this day.

It seems the Pacific West coast was the start or I should say birthplace that started the interest in Bigfoot, due to Jerry Crews findings and Patterson Griffin capture. There’s no way it could be a man in a suit, and if it is someone pulling a prank. The question is why, and what do they get out of it? Especially like mentioned above, a good wilderness can become the best habitat for a creature like this.

Chapter 3: Rise of the Monsters

Did the media spike up the interest of Bigfoot? It could very well be so. It seems people were reaching out about sightings they have had, increasing the eye witness accounts crossing from the West Coast to the East Coast. As years went on, less and less stories or sightings seem to disappear until 1980’s. Now we see a difference between the two regions, as types or species just differ. Even today it seems there is a confirmed number of Five types of Sasquatch’s, while others believe there could be even more types. Another difference is, many of witnessed a friendly, non-threatening ones while others in the East claim to have had aggressive behavior from these creatures. Boggey Creek is just another example. People don’t like to talk about what they’ve seen or experienced, due to being “crazy” and ruin their own reputation. Why is it now years later, eye witness accounts are finally coming out?

One thing I thought was interesting is the theory of UFO’s and Bigfoot, what if we did combine the theory that Bigfoot’s can be tossed around different parts of the world, IF they have or are connected and get dropped off by these sort of things. If that is the case, I think we aren’t even close to what Sasquatch could be. How come it also seems, bullets don’t do anything? What makes there bodies withstand the impact of a shotgun, or even a .44 magnum.

Chapter 4: Ask the Right Questions

What are the right questions to ask? Well any, but those we do ask tend to ask more. As we dive into this section, Seth takes on there different appearances, breeds, colors, if not right down to there feet to hands. How come it seems more sightings are during the daytime than nighttime? Reports also say that these creatures DO NOT like light what so ever, which leads back to isn’t the sun bright enough to have them want to come out at night under the darkness, shadows and sometimes the light of the moon. Bigfoot’s are said to even walk upright (common) and others say it can be seen on all fours (uncommon). There are just so many questions, we literally create new ones. Especially now where people are trying to connect UFO’s to Bigfoot’s, where some people say they see Sasquatch’s walk onto ships. Which makes me wonder, is that how they can get to different parts of the world? By getting dropped off or picked up then get dropped off by a UFO. Can Bigfoot’s summon portals to travel faster? Or enter something unexplained?

Chapter 5: Area X

Throughout this documentary we saw Northern Washington, Northern California, Ohio and now we land in Oklahoma. How are people finding ways of tracking creatures, to learn where they are during seasons. Whelp during the trip to Oklahoma, we just learn this new device that tracks and seems to report data. The area mentioned, it feels and looks gorgeous, it also seems with the way our world is today. Soon all the wilderness could be destroyed to help build foundations. From there, what will happen to the ecosystem? Now we finally get into some interesting recorded evidence, like “Raining Rocks”, “Whistles”, “Wood Knocks”, and “Rock Throws”. However when it comes down to trying to document a Bigfoot, I think that’s where this hurts the episode. And one question can be added like the last episode mentioned above, does Sasquatch need protection? Only way to prove the existence that Sasquatch exists is a body.

Chapter 6: Continuation of a Search

The finale of the documentary, brings us back to Ohio. Where this group has captured some interesting recordings of possible Bigfoot howls. I liked the honesty of Don, saying “don’t, save yourself a lot of headaches, save yourself a lot of money. Just don’t do it.” He’s probably the most brutally honest interview throughout this documentary, and I’m not trying to say bad things to those that do in fact do research. However, at the end of the day. What else can we do that isn’t the same evidence? What we need to do is find that unknown 10% DNA. Unfortunately it’s mainly the closing thoughts of everyone, hoping we can find the truth of Bigfoot, but at the same time. I kind of was disappointed that this documentary didn’t come to New York or Vermont area, or more closer to East Coast besides Pennsylvania. But in the end, the real question is, where do we go from here? Or maybe they did but didn’t mention it? It’s hard to say.

In conclusion of this brand new documentary from Small Town Monsters. It brings interesting insights into the ever growing community of unanswered or answered questions of the Bigfoot. It’s very neat of how much information there is, but I think focusing on just 3-4 specific area’s does hurt it, even though it’s mentioned they traveled to fourteen states. But when it’s only shown on screen of Washington, California, Ohio and Pennsylvania, it seems to lack the different stories to be told. Like with Chapter 5: Area X. Where it seems like Seth and his crew finally were getting some action, only for us viewers to be disappointed by only getting audio through a radio of what the other guy was seeing. If this guy who went out by himself, to “bag one” to help prove there existence. I would have not let him go out until he had a head camera on him, that way he would be recording what he was seeing, to the best of our view of the lens of the camera. Especially if he was seeing a head of an Ape, that right there hurts it. Documentary is on DVD and VOD, however it is split by Two Chapters, Chapter 1: The Legend, and Chapter 2: The Search. I just felt like it really didn’t offer to much new things, at least for me. But there’s plenty of information for those in the field or are getting into it, there’s even some information that made me turn my head in question and made me think of the “what if”.

I do recommend this documentary, because even though it didn’t hit me hard with the feel of getting inspired to do research of my own. Other people within the B.F.R.O. would probably love the stories mentioned bringing different information to add to notes and or contact these people who have dedicated their lives to finding the truth, unfortunately what we need to do is find that 10% Unknown DNA. Could whatever be that 10% be extincted? Will the legend or the mystery of what is a Sasquatch ever be solved? Maybe, but if we as humans KILL without questioning first. We could wipe out that missing link of DNA.

This two disc DVD set contains Part 1: The Legend and Part 2: The Search

Purchase On the Trail of Bigfoot

Listen to Our Interview with Seth Breedlove

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