PREDATOR: Hunting Grounds – PS4 Reveal Trailer

Release Date: 2020
Genre: Action / Shooter
Developer: IllFonic
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

Drop into the Predator universe through a new competitive online multiplayer experience.

Play as an elite Fireteam charged to complete paramilitary operations while a Predator mercilessly hunts you. Or, BE the Predator, armed with all the deadly alien weaponry you’ve grown to love and pursue your prey.

The Hunt Begins 2020.

More info:

One thought on “PREDATOR: Hunting Grounds – PS4 Reveal Trailer

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  1. Looks like a Dead By Daylight or Friday the 13th survival online games, so that’s pretty good! We need another Alien Isolation type of game though. That game was legendary. This will be fun too, especially with friends and the panic factor will be very high because we will be dealing with the real players and not an A.I.


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