From author Ted’s Score which won Best Feature Screenplay 2017 at UNDERGROUND INDIE FILM FESTIVAL in Apopka, Florida. And you may also know Daniel P. Coughlin who wrote and acted in LAKE DEAD from After Dark Films, part of the 2007 8 Films to Die For series.

Out today, Daniel released his next campy 80’s throwback. Satanic Panic. And the synopsis is as follows.

“Satanic Panic, a mass hysteria created in the nineteen-eighties, has returned to a small college town in the Midwest. Ritualistic murders and the presence of the occult have bled below the surface of the town in the form of icy accidents and other coincidences. And when three lifelong friends find themselves on the radar of a killer-and leader of a satanic cult-they must fight for what’s good without being seduced by the evil that possesses their campus.”

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4 thoughts on ““SATANIC PANIC” by Daniel P Coughlin AVAILABLE NOW

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    1. It’s definitely good, and as I gotten to know Daniel personally and has seen his Lake Dead, and his Ditch Day film. I’ve realized like 3 things he has to have in a film or story lol

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