Space Goat Productions Making a Comeback?

Does anyone remember back on July 6th 2016 how a company named Space Goat Productions was set to get the funds which did happen, for an official Evil Dead 2 Board Game? While adding, add-on’s to help expand the limits and story of it? I do.


As much as I try to support indie creators, Kickstarter is definitely one platform like Indiegogo where you are pledging at YOUR OWN RISK. Mainly because, there is normally a chance you will and could get screwed over. As mentioned with this company, after failing to not only deliver the product but at one point failed to even proceed as a company.

Because of my fandom of horror and especially within the EVIL DEAD universe, paying for licences and getting the board game just right to the point. Space Goat at the time before leading to bankruptcy it seems, went on to make THREE other Kickstarter’s. One for a Terminator Board Game, 30th Anniversary Evil Dead Comic Book Omnibus and Art Book and finally one called Ted Naifens Heroines The Graphic Novel which did not make it’s goal, probably because of the last three prior campaigns I mentioned that are still NOT PRODUCED. Except some backers, like myself were able to get something? But when you have spent a lot to back something which did sound awesome, and fail. Well there’s a few things people or backers have gotten, like the Evil Dead Comics, or in my case the Cabin Carved Dice. Supposedly made the the actual wood of the original cabin used in the movie.

Cabin Carved Deadite Dice from Original Kickstarter

Anyways, so as far as we, even I know. Both Board Games for Evil Dead, and Terminator have never been fulfilled! There’s even an article going around stating that they are planning to re-do the kickstarter and try again? What about those who ALREADY Backed? Well I guess we just get an extra game if we re-pledge on their new kickstarter. And as much as the updates for Kickstarter have stopped. Apparently now they’ve been doing live streams regarding their “progress”. Notice from the 17 minute mark and then the 25 minute mark.

But what about the book? Oh, you mean the 30th Anniversary Evil Dead Comic Book Omnibus and Art Book? Whelp. Thanks to others looking around, it seems they have stumbled upon a Pre-order, and you guessed it. The Evil Dead Omnibus Book.

Hrm, here’s the book but where’s the art book?

But I do know the original idiot, Shon isn’t representing the company anymore. Now this Tommy guy is, hence the reason behind a new Evil Dead 2 Board Game Kickstarter. But what about people who already backed for the book? Will we see those? Or is that ANOTHER Kickstarter we have to back AGAIN. In my conclusion, don’t support Space Goat Productions. It could cost hundreds of dollars, if not more.

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