Satanic Panic, Review

Daniel P. Coughlin serves up a fun, horrifying tale that interweaves on a range of concepts such as love and romance, lust and temptation, simulated *necrophilia*, alcohol and drugs, satanism, and murder. Satanic Panic diverges into two different stories and paths that will merge them together as events unfold. 

Brianna, Brock, and Lance are best friends from childhood. Their strong bond follows them through all stages of their maturing lives. Fast-forward the Present Day they are all in college, where their lives have taken full bloom. They weather many experiences together, including a sudden, yet intoxicating love triangle that quickly travels down a slippery slope. 

Looming amongst the hormone-filled college students is a deranged killer who practices Satanism. He finds homage among a group of people with similar interests and sorts. They call themselves the Smiley Devils. 

The students of Wisconsin University become the unfortunate prey to this cult of sadistic murderers, meeting grisly ends. Brianna, Brock, and Lance are high on the food chain for targeted prey of the Smiley Devils. Soon, their thirst for their forbidden lust and desires will be their ultimate demise.

Satanic Panic holds a dark, chilling tale with sensitive subjects to underly. Even the taboo controversy of love triangles and the deviant territory of certain sexual fetishes, which deem unethical in mainstream society, yet may be gaining more popularity in the world of adult entertainment, spanning into the realm of hardcore fetishes.

One such area of necrophilia, which is traveled lightly in this shocking tale. The ever-popular concept of the Dark Web is an undertone that radiates in its simplicity. Religion and the spectrum of good and evil, and God and Satan sporadically lines the story in thought-provoking dialogues and afterthoughts.

This is one tale that will have the reader traveling to many different corners and showcasing a range of varying emotions.

Satanic Panic is now available for purchase. Visit the link for more information.

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