“Muerte: Tales of Horror” – Movie Review

An anthology that tells four horror stories
centered around a stolen “cursed” comic book.

Four tales of horror presented around dorky wannabe witches Spencer and Celine who plan to take revenge on a former lover they unknowingly were dating at the same time. Now they are seeking “special items” for a spell from a mysterious woman named Ophelia. Meanwhile Carter’s sidekick, Zak, is sent to steal a couple of items for a séance at the same shop. While looking around for the items, Zak comes across a strange comic book called MUERTE and decides to steal that also. Soon afterward, strange things start to happen to Carter, Zak and their friends as they start to read the crazy stories featured in the comic book. The first deals with a sin-eating El Cucuy looking for one of his bad “kids” that got away from him so many years ago. The second is about a date with a vampire that goes horribly wrong. The third is about a vanity mirror given as a housewarming gift that turns into a soul-sucking mirror from hell. And in the final story, we will find out who unleashes all the evil.

For the start that caused all this, where Zak went into a witch shop. Stealing a couple items. While other ladies are trying to purchase some stuff for a spell, which plays into the whole anthology later in the morning as parts connect. From there it’s split into three other tales which were originally shorts, that later got added to turn this into a 90 minute feature. You can actually listen to our Round Table Interview with some of the cast and crew, the shorts contained The Date, Mirror and El Cucy.

Muerte, relies on the practical effects and not much CGI if any at all. Muerte: Tales of Horror is just a fun story told and like mentioned above a nice way to connect everything. As the story unfolds, we find out there’s Vampires, but with the sound effects, it could almost be compared to like a hybrid Vampire / Werewolf? However it’s a nice guttural sound making these Vampire ladies that much more creepier and darker. Look at the first tale, The Date. Vampires trying to feed and not realizing the surroundings or should I say underestimating what was actually in front of them.

Mirror, probably my favorite little story. Involving a little ol mirror that seems to be taking the beauty and possessing Chloe into a murderous being. Trying to please the mirror by giving it blood. This tale, I believe is where Tessa and I started to realize some connections for the story that’s in between of each tale. Without saying to much, it’s different terrifying of how just one simple item from really a unknown source, even though it was bought from the same witch shop, could really be dangerous.

Finally El Cucy, which is the name of the Latin folklore Boogeyman that also ties into the in between story. Mario who played the creature, did a lot of research and I fully believe Mario became, El Cucy. A nice practical effect Boogeyman, creepy Latin dialogue that even sings a old nursery rhyme.

My final thoughts about Night Creature Productions, Muerte: Tales Of Horror is a very well made independent film that is enjoyable. With characters not so annoying or lame writing of dialogue, each story brings a nice touch to lead up to the actual finale.

I highly recommend watching and supporting this film, I do believe it’d treat everyone who loves anthologies. It may seem dark at times, but you got to ignore it and realize this is not a Hollywood film. Go into Muerte: Tales Of Horror with an open mind, because

“Muerte: Tales Of Horror brings a folklore to life through a comic.”

Also check out the Round Table Interview Tessa and I conducted with Chris Ambriz (Director), Louis Alvarado (Producer), Mario Aguilar (El Cucuy), Tara Allen (Christina), Eric Lee Delagarza (Carter) and Ashley Ann (Ashley). And remember to support Indie Horror Films.

Watch Muerte: Tales of Horror

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Muerte: Tales Of Horror: https://www.facebook.com/MuerteTalesofHorror2016/

Night Creatures Production: https://www.facebook.com/NightCreatureProductions/

Christopher Ambriz: https://www.facebook.com/DirectorChristopherAmbriz/

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