The next stand alone horror comic from Afterlight Comics is…


What to expect. 30 Pages, Full Color. Kickstarter coming June 24th.

Synopsis: A young family are staying at a cabin in the woods when their daughter discovers a diary from the previous owner, revealing it’s true haunting past.
Cover Artist: Francesco Iaquinta
Interior Art: Adrian Garcia
Writer/Colourist: Joseph Oliveira

So what is a Goatman?
The Goatman is a humanoid cryptid most commonly associated with Louisiana, Maryland and Texas. It is described as a seven foot tall hybrid creature; part man and part goat. Some claim it is a relative of the New Orleans evil chupacabra-like cryptid the Grunch. The urban legends of them often tells of it killing young couples in parked cars or scouring neighbourhoods killing family pets.
There are also tales of them breaking into peoples’ houses and raping its victims. And many attest from the areas that he haunts, it does not matter if you’re a man or woman, he will overtake you and rape you none the less. When scared teenagers whisper about Goatman, not all agree on the form he takes. Some say he was a man who kept goats and went mad after teenagers killed his flock, driven to seek revenge against any youngster.

But perhaps the most titillating version traces the origin of Goatman to the Beltsville Agricultural Research Centre, a sprawling USDA facility anchored by a big brick building appointed with white columns. In this version, a mad scientist is conducting experiments on a goat when something goes horribly wrong, turning him into a half man-half goat beast that is, naturally, hungry for blood.


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