“Ghost Island: The Exorcism #5” – Comic Review

If you aren’t caught up on Ghost Island, you might want to read Ghost Island #4.

We start Issue #5 The Exorcism, by a flash back to young Josh. He arrived in the care of a foster shelter, and from there since his parents died, he has been able to talk and see dead people. Of course that didn’t fit well with all the other kids, so he was taken to the head man of the place. Mr. Newton, who said it’s a safe place here to talk what’s bothering and going on with young Josh.

Josh mentioned that one particular kid who used to be at the shelter, inside the walls of this very foster shelter. Mr. Newton, not believing Josh, takes off his belt for scaring the other kids with these “nonsense” stories.

If you remember the ending of my last review, we continue now within the present or past. Depending on how you look at this, Billy who was lured and attacked by the old Hag spirit. While Billy’s dad, wasn’t so lucky.


The Priest and Josh want to find Alice and take Billy, off the island. It’s gotten worse, as we saw with last issue and mentioned above about Billy’s father. However, Josh doesn’t want to risk Billy going back, but Billy knows it’d be faster since he knows where to go. And it would be that much faster to get off the island.

Now the title of the book, The Exorcism comes into play. After finding fresh blood on the floor the Priest and Josh follow it, and that’s where Alice has blood on her hands. Or is it really Alice. When the Priest was even no match, Josh ran and flicked on the light switch. Once the spirit was weakened, he was so consumed and possessed.

Once everyone got back into their senses, Josh left to find Mr. Deakins to get an answer while Billy takes Alice to the boat, awaiting Josh’s return. However Josh may have stepped into a setup.


My final thoughts is, at this point I hope Josh gets together with Alice and have Billy become their adopted son. The ending of the comic, I saw coming. But unfortunately we have to wait for the final issue of Ghost Island. Once again for a short amount of time, there really wasn’t much of an exorcism. I did enjoy it, just wish I guess it wasn’t costly to add more pages. Another five pages would have been my soothing of getting more out of this.

Ghost Island is still getting really good, and hopefully soon we can see the next and last chapter to complete hopefully the ecstatic of what the conclusion will unfold.

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3 thoughts on ““Ghost Island: The Exorcism #5” – Comic Review

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  1. Awesome review. The way you described the plot makes the reader want to buy the comic book. I think a page with a short ‘ previously on the Ghost Island’ intro could improve these comics a lot and add some truly episodic feel to it. I also think that this one needed to have more exorcism scenes. Like how The Conjuring movies do. Nevertheless, this comic is great and liking how the series is turning out.

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    1. I appreciate the feedback. I’ve been trying to figure out a good medium when reviewing comics. As they can tend to be a little more complicated, because we got to rely on the artwork mixed with the dialogue to help us get drawn into the story. Whether it’s executing our attention or if it’s lacking the attention.

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      1. I think Blogging is the best way to review and share information about comics because, here we can add sample pages and trailer (if it has one) along with our review paragraphs. I have seen that sample pages help the people to decide whether they should purchase a comic issue or not as it provides them with a taste of the writing, illustration and content before getting the full book. Like a demo of a game or a trailer of a movie! So, please continue to spread awareness about such comics through your reviews.

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