“The Fly + Twilight Zone” – Loot Fright

Good evening everyone who is reading, June 1st we received our fourth Loot Fright themed for The Fly, The Twilight Zone and Other Tasty Terrors. Which again came with another bonus pin. We both agree this time around, the “Midnight Snack” was a disappointment.

Here is Tessa and I unboxing video of Loot Fright’s Midnight Snacks.

Next crate to purchase ends on May 15th 2019. And for June we get theme Flesh + Blood. Unbox a frightening mix of horror collectibles, apparel and more. So make sure you head over to Lootcrate.com for yours.


One thought on ““The Fly + Twilight Zone” – Loot Fright

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  1. Nice unboxing and review. I agree with you two.
    I liked the T shirt, the Pin and Baba Yaga. Other than that, it wasn’t worth the money. Puke bags is a silly and disgusting merchandise. Delayed Lootboxes affects your uploading schedule besides testing your patience, so the service is definitely not up to the mark.
    Thank you for sharing this unboxing with us and also spreading awareness about the Lootboxes and the service by them


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