“Boston Metaphysical Society: The Scourge of the Mechanical Men” – Comic Review

Granville and Tesla are in a race for time to save Boston from a mysterious disease that turns human beings into machines.

Granville returns home to Liberty Row only to find an almost insane Tesla hiding there. But his efforts to get rid of Tesla hit a snag when they discover that a virus is turning humans into soulless mechanical men. Realizing that Emily and Travis Morgan of Morgan Medicinals are behind the outbreak, they fear that the twins are after more than just control of Boston – They want to take over the Great States of America.

We continue off right from where the trade paperback left off, with Tesla causing a riot and rampaging just to kill the shifter. However because of the town, destroyed in some areas, no one really wants Tesla to hang around. Tesla himself, well he’s devastated it seems, asking what he can do to help and that he was only trying to kill the shifter.

Meanwhile, we see somewhere down in a basement of some sort that Emily and Travis Morgan, co-owners of Morgan Medicinals Labortory. Working on a carcass of a dead pig, then with a device, puts it into the forehead of a gentlemen in a chair. This device, makes both Emily and Travis Morgan be able to control those wearing this particular device.

Emily and Travis Morgan, prepping a device.

Granville is trying to find Samuel, however is approached with a letter stating he’s gone on a urgent request and will reach out once returned. But how would they be able to get Tesla out? A man, that Granville helped years ago vanquish a demon may know that the underground railroad would probably help Tesla leave. While the Morgans are in town, handing out drinks to be rewarded to those of hard workers. However these drinks contain the very virus of mind control it seems, and within two hours the virus will be in effect.

Two hours later, everyone who took a sip or drink from the Morgan’s are now choking, gasping and turning into mechanical men or woman. It seems its spreading even to where the Hospital is, has Granville needed to stop there and instead was warned about “the plague”. After getting people situated, Granville takes a skin sample and returns to home to test the skin sample for anything that doesn’t belong. Granville who is trying to help Tesla, handcuffed him and it seems every time Tesla brings up the word “trust”, Granville ignores and asks Tesla for running the sample to look for anything that doesn’t belong.

SIGNED by Made

The Morgans confront the people of Narcross Laboratory, threatening with the those now part of the mind control to step in and take it if those don’t step down easily. By the we read and see Granville again, Tesla has confirmed that these mechanical people have received these pieces of metal by drinking the soda pop that the Morgans or Medicinals offered. The only cure found it seems, is by having the victims blood stream in contact with Demon Blood. And it would also help if they had Tesla’s tank, but first they’ll have to get it back from the police.

My thoughts as we draw the review to a close, I’d like to know if any research goes into these comics. As some of these scientific cures in these stories seem to always feel like it had to have some research done in order to feel real. Just like with the last review. The designs and drawings of the atmosphere, characters just look really nice. The dialogue boxes have a nice texture and feel, while having the light greenish feel adds a cool old fashion look. Another job well done and interesting take without Samuel, and next issue I believe has all three back. Samuel, Granville and Caitlin.

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