The Last Breath- A Third Person Survival Horror Game Needs Backers on Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform!

Being developed by Moebius Studios LLC, in The Last Breath – a third person (mixed with fixed camera angles) survival horror game with thriller elements, we play as Helen, a woman who after having suffered a terrible accident partially lost her memory. The principal intention is to tell a great history full of suspense and true psychological horror without cheap jump scares. The studio is planning to launch the game in July 2020 for PC on the Epic Store and Steam, but if they reach the respective goal they will launch the game for PS4 and Xbox One as well.

Official Teaser:-

The story takes place in Asphar town, a fishing village located near Lake Asphar (hence its name). This is a pretty quiet town, with a very small population and where travelers prefer not to stay long time since it does not offer much.

Town go unnoticed so some celebrities take advantage of their anonymity to hide from the press and social life, but this does not happen often. Asphar Town has never been the target of scandals or crimes, but it harbors a number of mysteries that the locals prefer not to talk about. The last mystery is the disappearance of several women. The police have not ruled on the matter, but the press has been in charge of investigating what happened and tries to make its readers understand that the police are probably covering up what happened but have no proof of it.  

Helen is moving to a new house, since the place where they lived with her husband before her accident suffered a fire, but Helen does not remember this. Their only source to understand what happened is the local newspapers and radio stations. In her new house, Helen starts having strange dreams and visions that torment her and make her want to know if they have something to do with her accident. This is when she turns to a specialist who will practice on her a series of regressions through hypnosis and discover what is happening around her, but discovers that the cause of her accident contains a line of frightening events that put her life at risk and the town where she lives.

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