“Boston Metaphysical Society: The Spirit of Rebellion” – Comic Review


Even after saving Boston from The Shifter, Caitlin is thrown out by her mother for working with Samuel and Granville. When she goes to Samuel for help, he takes her to the boarding house of an old friend in Philadelphia. There she discovers a ghost, the beginning of a rebellion, and perhaps her destiny.

Like Boston, the poor and working class of Philadelphia are pushing back against the Great Houses, and Caitlin and Samuel are caught in the middle of it. And much to her surprise, Caitlin has discovered that the battle with The Shifter has left her with telekinetic powers. What no one realizes is that a Pinkerton by the name of Harry Connelly has taken a special interest in Caitlin and the boarding house. Is he friend or foe? And what does this mean for Samuel and Caitlin?

THE SPIRIT OF REBELLION is a standalone continuation of the original six issue mini-series.

We start this issue off with Caitlin Sullivan getting kicked out of her mother’s house for working with Samuel, just like her father did before her and well, her father suffered a terrible fate. Which we saw from the trade back review I did. Caitlin with no options heads to Mr. Hunter’s place, crying that she got thrown out because she started doing what her father did by her choice. Samuel knows it wouldn’t be right to have her stay, so he offered Caitlin to try by taking her to a place in Philadelphia run by James Sampson.

Upon arriving and getting greeted with kind words and postures, Caitlin finds it a possibly place to even find who she even is. Also Samuel’s friend Harry Connelly is around and offers a drink to discuss a possible small case he may have for Mr. Hunter. As the men go and drink at a bar, we see Caitlin trying to sleep but is awaken by someone talking. Caitlin wakes and travels to where the voice is coming from when greeted by a lady sitting in a chair, and a spirit upon the table.

Caitlin is introduced to Frida (woman sitting in chair) and her ghostly friend, Mary. Both mediums just like Ms. Sullivan. They both know about the shifter battle, and how it could have left something behind within Caitlin. To be certain, Frida asks a few questions while Caitlin responds, and or tries to perform the task at hand. Meanwhile Mr. Connelly wants Mr. Hunter to go under cover, due to the fact everyone in Philadelphia knows who Harry looks like. Apparently Harry is trying to stop some sort of protest by finding out who the leaders are before it happens.

Samuel, sneaks in to where the protesters are, planning to go on strike within the next two days. Even children can march to help these people’s cause, which at one point shows some signs while they chant “Mary” who was killed. These people aren’t just doing a normal strike, they are striking on the Union, and it seems that Caitlin is having some telekinetic powers finally show. And within that, Frida tells Caitlin that Mary needs a new host since she is dying. Samuel tells Harry the discussing about what he heard from the little meeting for the protest, and from there it seems that this safe haven. Isn’t quite safe is someone is watching the place, possibly for seeking out mediums.

SIGNED by Madeleine Holly-Rosing

For the third or second story (depending on how you want to look at this), The Spirit of Rebellion shows and tells us that no matter what, people who we think we know could actually be our worst enemies. With that being said, I loved the different dialogue box colors to define between the living and Mary, the spirit that was being hosted by Frida. Madeleine Holly-Rosing knows what she’s trying to tell, and from this point on, Boston Metaphysical Society is a high recommendation from me. Support these amazing stories today, available on Amazon and more. I can’t wait to see what the next book brings.

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