“On the Trail of… UFO’s”, the next Small Town Monsters Project

The next chapter for Small Town Monsters begins July 9th. The third part of “On the Trail of… UFO’s” coming 2020.

Here’s what Small Town Monsters wrote explaining the upcoming project.

In 2018 Small Town ventured into episodic storytelling with the inaugural season of “On the Trail of…”; a mini-series focusing on a different paranormal phenomenon each season. While the first season centered around a lake monster called “Champ” and the second expanded to the Bigfoot subject, the third season “On the Trail of… UFOS” will investigate UFO sightings across the country. Small Town Monsters has debuted the first one-sheet for the miniseries by artist, Matt Peppler.

While Small Town Monsters made a name for themselves with the cinematic storytelling style of their films, On the Trail of is an investigative series that takes viewers out into some of the most remote parts of North America in search of answers to the mysteries being explored. The series has established its own identity apart as an avenue of exploration and discovery rather than simply a retelling of historical events.

On the Trail of UFOs will debut some time in 2020 with filming beginning July 9th in Nevada. The series will feature Seth Breedlove and podcast host, Shannon Legro (Into the Fray) as they journey across the United States uncovering decades of mysterious encounters with unknown aerial phenomena, and seeking to find the answers to the UFO riddle. The series will film throughout much of 2019 with Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine and more on the agenda. Various investigators, researchers and eyewitnesses will be interviewed as part of the project.

To learn more about On the Trail of… and other STM projects, visit onthetrailof.tv or smalltownmonsters.com.

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