“Welcome Home Rougarou” Official Trailer Drops from J.P. Willie

Welcome Home Rougarou

In the small town of French Settlement, Louisiana, legends and lore swirl as part of its rich history, but there’s one legend above all others people fear, the Rougarou. Sherman (Joey Alonzo) and Kathy Thibodeaux (Lili Von Kiss), a married couple of 25 years, haven’t slept since their youngest son, Pete (Adam Henslee) returned home after a hunting accident. Since his homecoming, something about Pete has changed, and if the local legends are true, he may never be the same.

Starring: Joey Alonzo, Adam Henslee, Lili Von Kiss, Stephanie Wells

Music by: New Arcades

Costume Designer: Dusty Wilson

Make up by: Krystal Kershaw, Claudia Rodriguez

Art Director: Joey Brana

Sound by: Pale Goose Productions

First Assistant Director: Kaitlyn Jones

Director of Photography: Jesse Butler

Cinematography by: Jarrod Paul Beck

Written and directed by: J.P. Willie



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