“John Carpenters: Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch #1” – Comic Review

The desert above Los Angeles is a harsh, unforgiving place. The heat does something to people’s brains — or so thinks Lieutenant Ron Pinkerton, who is investigating a series of shockingly violent crimes perpetrated by the most unlikely suspects.

Meanwhile, just a few miles away, astrophysicists at the Mount Wilson Observatory are grappling with another kind of threat — one that threatens to extinguish humanity in the time it takes for your eye to TWITCH…

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Richard P. Clark
Lettering by Janice Chiang
Edited by Sandy King
Cover art by Tim Bradstreet


Twitch starts off with a police chase, having something already awful happen before hand (which isn’t walked through) that involved a woman and two kids. A man steps out of his car, but it seems something is going on as his eyes are all white, almost like he’s blind. One of the cops fires a bullet hitting the suspect in the left leg as he drops to the ground. We also meet I’m gonna assume the main protagonist of this series, Marisa trying to get access to Dr. Zelazny office. Seems like nobody knows who runs Mount Wilson Observatory. But Marisa plants a simple software update which leads to the guards getting distracted. Buying Marisa time to sneak in.

The man who was just police chased and shot in the leg seems to have his conscious back. Not remembering anything, he also realizes he cannot see but hear. Marisa is trying to locate someone named Josh, with phones nowadays the GPS signal and track and locate us at any point of time. Well, as long as it’s on it seems. However what Marisa was searching for when she found Josh wasn’t what she had in mind. Now we are introduced to a new character named Emily, who also has killed people within this “dream” that the police have now called it. Wanting to know information about possibly knowing a Del Howison, the man who was just chased and shot.

Sample page from Tales of Science Fiction Twitch Issue #1

First off for my final thoughts, I need to thank Richard Clark. The artist behind Tales of Science Fiction Twitch series. For those that may not know, I personally met Richard during the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY this year. My fiance and I went to NY for the day, participating in the event. Upon arriving in one of the comic shops we stopped in, Richard happened to be a featured guest there. Walking into the shop and seeing the words “John Carpenter’s” was my first take which drew my eyes around to see his table had a few more titles. “Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch”, and “Tales for a HalloweeNight”. As you can see I purchased the Twitch series, however even though it’s signed by Richard, I actually originally didn’t get a chance to purchase this right off. So once home I found Storm King Comics and purchased Issue #1, the only one I was missing when I purchased the other four issues.


Now as for my final thoughts on Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch #1. Richard is very talented artist, the artwork is very stunning and catches the eyes in specific scenes (or pages) of what is going down. Near the finale of the comic, it seems whatever is going on was brought on by this WOW program, or signal as they say. I think this signal is a way of these extraterrestrials way of using the WOW signal(s) to possess through it and somehow make people fall into this “dream” state that the police are calling it. Since no one remembers anything at all once the deed is done? I also have to give brownie points for the promotional material of a advertisement video (posted above). Which I don’t believe I have ever really seen anything like that before, makes me want more companies to do these sort of things more. It definitely can grab someone’s attention, while showing the artwork and tell the base idea without spoiling.

“If you love extra-terrestrial stories, John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction won’t be a disappointment.”

Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch Issue #1 SIGNED by John Carpenter, Sandy King & Richard Clark

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