“The Passenger: A Vermont Urban Legend” Official Trailer Debut Coming Soon

If you haven’t heard, I’m creating my first ever debut short horror film. The Passenger: A Vermont Urban Legend takes “A skeptic of the paranormal picks up a hitchhiker on a desolate road. We’ve heard the lore but did we miss more to the story?”

THE PASSENGER: A Vermont Urban Legend is an upcoming Vermont Folklore Short Horror Film, based on the lady in white hitchhiker ghost tale. This will be Paul Dulski‘s debut short film, and is looking to be released by Halloween 2019. Learn more here.

A Production by HAUNTED VERMONT and Everything Horror Podcast.

Right now you can pre-save a notification for the trailer premiere which arrives July 1st at 8 PM EST. Below are two YouTube Channels that you can pre-save “REMINDER” from.

Everything Horror Podcast

Haunted Vermont

Paul Dulski. On Marble Road, West Rutland, VT.

“When I was writing this script, I honestly wanted to test myself in directing and writing. Doing this podcast has taught me a lot of things about the independent world. And at the end of the day, I made something that I’ll be proud of.” – Paul Dulski

This Halloween. The Passenger Awaits You.


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