David Teixeira’s ‘OUROBOROS’ Review- An Indie Horror Short Featuring Lea N’Kaoua!(Also Watch the Full Film Here)

In this article without spoiling, we review, Dorsale Films created ‘OUROBOROS‘ – a French Psychological Horror Short with English Subtitles released on January 16th, 2019 on YouTube & Vimeo (Links given in this article). With Official Selection for Film Festivals, namely, Dumbo Film Festival, Retour a L’Anormal and Infierno en los Andes Fest. Also a finalist in the Independent Talents International Film Festival. Original idea by David Teixeira & Lea N’Kaoua, Written and directed by David Teixeira, Starring Lea N’Kaoua as Girl & Monster. Music: « it is coming » by Fesliyanstudios / free background music from https://www.fesliyanstudios.com


A girl keeps having the same dream where she hurts herself on a finger, finds an abandoned castle and goes inside. One day she wakes up and she decides to visit the castle for good.

Official Trailer:-

Spoiler-Free Review:-

Ouroboros’s meaning is explained at the beginning, which is the same as on the Wikipedia which is “a circular symbol depicting a snake, or less commonly a dragon, swallowing its tail, as an emblem of wholeness or infinity”. The film does seem to have a deeper psychological meaning to it which you will understand if you spend some time thinking about the theories after the ending.

We get introduced to our main lead (Lea N’Kaoua) as she’s enjoying the nature near a mysterious castle and all of a sudden a scary smile appears and she wakes up in her home. We also meet her adorable cat, which reminded me of The Goose cat from Captain Marvel’s movie. The leading lady receives a strange letter which makes her visit the place she saw in the real life. It’s not known who sent her the letter and why but as she visits the place, she finds a mystery box and as she tries to explore the place, she encounters a weird woman who appears to be a ghost or a possessed lady (Named simply as ‘Monster’ by the film creators). It’s interesting to see if our leading lady escapes the place and also the ending might feel like a usual ending for a psychological horror film, but it’s tied to the name of the film. Is this related to her past? Is it all a dream within a dream or is she truly seeing this? Such questions start popping up in your mind after watching it.

The creepy lady feels like a ghost and also leaves you wondering if it’s just a hallucination or a lady requiring help with her mental illness. Lea N’Kaoua has acted so well in both roles that it never becomes easy to recognize that she is also acting as the creepy lady (Monster) in this movie . The frightened, curious and simple protagonist and the crazy twisted ghost lady, both are performed perfectly by Lea N’Kaoua. The creepy lady only says “Ouroboros” and nothing else which is a very frightening thing to see, almost like a creepy Pokemon repeating its name and attacking you.  The way creepy lady walks near the end & the body language shows how dedicated, fearless & talented of an actress Lea N’Kaoua is.

Overall, the creators have made a brilliant film that creates a psychological tension while being logical enough to show only realistic things possible in the world. The film despite having French as its main language is not having any spoken dialogues and there’s only one letter which is written in French. The subtitles help us understand everything. The film’s no reliance on spoken dialogues helps it to be eligible for showing to anyone in the world. It has a universal appeal. There’s very little use of blood, no violence, no bad language, no nudity, and thus, being a pure psychological horror movie. The music is perfect and does remind me of Dead Silence theme. Without saying a single word, everything is easy to understand thanks to the great acting skills by Lea N’Kaoua. A must watch to get scared by the creepy lady, see some brilliant acting and also to learn some film making lessons !!

Watch The Full Film Below (Officially Made Public by the Creators):-

Watch on YouTube:-

Watch on Vimeo:-

Dorsale Films on Vimeo

David Teixeira on YouTube

Instagram: @dorsalefilms @davidemmanuelt

My Indie Productions Account:- myindieproductions.com/david-teixeira
FaceBook Page:- facebook.com/davidemmanueltx

Full Credits:-

  • Original Idea: David Teixeira & Lea N’Kaoua
  • Writer/Directer: David Teixeira
  • Producer: David Teixeira
  • Starring: Lea N’Kaoua as Girl/Monster
  • Music:- Song– It Is Coming-39688, Artist- David Fesliyan, Album– Scary Music 10-12-2018, Licensed to YouTube by AdRev for a 3rd Party (on behalf of Fesliyan Studios (Fesliyan Studios 2)); AdRev Publishing ( https://www.fesliyanstudios.com )

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    1. You are right, ilona madam. This French film was very scary. I had trouble forgetting about his as well and thus, made me difficult to sleep. I think we need to remember that this is all fake and not true, only then we can stop being afraid!! Thank you so much for reading and posting a comment 🙂

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      1. You are welcome, these days i cant read so much, but always happy to stop by when i can 🙂


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