Red Glass Films’ SHATTER- A David Lynch/Darren Aronofsky inspired Psychological Crime Thriller/Horror Film Needs Help on Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform!

Only 18 Days left! SHATTER, a feature-length, psychological crime thriller/horror film. It’s kind of a gritty David Lynch/Darren Aronofsky inspired detective story that’s trippy, mind-bending, and just plain weird.

This genre bending FEATURE film has already have its post-production 98% completed. With 20 years of short film making experience along with many uploaded on youtube, now they need some help from the horror community to finish the feature film for fans who might like to see something different.


A small-town detective is tasked with connecting a series of bizarre deaths and disappearances, but his prime suspect, an escaped mental patient, holds the truth just out of reach. If he wants to solve these crimes, he’ll need to look inside to find an answer he never expected.

Official Trailer:-

The story was carefully crafted and deep, like a gourmet meal where tastes and flavors present themselves unexpectedly. Check out the French cuisine style of haut goût, and you will see what we mean after you’re done throwing up. SHATTER starts off in the middle of a psychotic episode following David, an escaped mental patient, who returns to the source of his insanity; his past. In order to begin his journey to sanity, he must first face the demons that torment him. However, while exploring his elementary school, he witnesses something sinister, and retreats quickly to his abandoned childhood home. There he is apprehended by Detective Matthews and through the initial interrogation, we learn that there was a heinous murder in the school, of which David is the prime suspect. 

Now it’s up to Matthews’ obsessive-compulsive investigation to discover how it all happened and prove David’s guilt…or innocence. However, David leads the detective through a cryptic maze of ominous clues where his trail quickly turns cold and circumstances turn bizarre. As Matthews begins to unravel a mystery, he soon learns of connections to his own past and that nothing is what it seems. To unlock the truth, Matthews must face his own demons, fight his own police department, and dive into David’s troubled past while revisiting his own; all in order to catch a killer. Will Matthews find the answers he’s looking for or will his obsessive pursuit of the truth SHATTER the world around him?

The Cast:-

Like most no-budget films, making Shatter has been a true nightmare. If it was something that could go wrong, it did. I know most indie filmmakers can relate. Since we don’t have anyone in-house with vast experience in mastering audio, we think that is one of the biggest weaknesses of the film. So, we need a little bit of help getting that fixed first. We’ve got a few quotes and think that will cost us around $2,000 to master the whole film. Second, like us, there’s a lot of fans out there that generally like our content when they actually sit down, watch it, and begin to dissect it with their friends. Our work tends to attract niche audiences who don’t want to watch another “normal” film. Each person always captures and interprets something a little differently that makes you rethink what you watched. That’s why we need some extra funds to help us reach more people. We plan to do this by using the remaining funds to get the film into a few film festivals and make DVD screeners to send out to film reviewers/distributors for consideration.

You can Donate even $1 and Great Rewards start from $5 and get the full movie (DVD or Digital) & social media shout-out for just $25, along with many more rewards, which can be found on the Kickstarter Page (Click below)!

Please check out the Kickstarter Page of this Project!!

Official Website of the Movie.

Red Glass Films (RGF) started way back in 1998 when a bunch of neighborhood friends got together to make “backyard” music videos with ideas that quickly sprouted into “let’s make a horror film”. The first film we ever made was “V-Man”, a Friday the 13th inspired short film where 3 kids are hunted by a masked killer after awakening him from a shallow grave. A few years later, one of our contributors’ mothers was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer and she passed away very suddenly. We were working on writing our first feature film at the time and decided that we would donate all of the proceeds to breast cancer research if we were able to finish the film. We completed post-production on that film in 2006, but never made any money from it. Still, the polarizing idea of using horror films to save lives stuck and we hope to someday have the opportunity to make it happen by giving back while moving forward.

Red Glass Films on YouTube.




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