Dead By Daylight – Game Review

On June 16th of this year marks the third year anniversary of this heart pounding, spine tingling hide and seek game with a twist of blood, gore and occasional jump scares.

Dead by daylight is a survival horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive which are famous for other exciting game titles such as Fall Out Shelter, Naughty Bear and Dantes Inferno.

In the game you can be a survivor. Each survivor has there own set level like easy to hard. The game play of the survivor is from a third person prospective.

The objective is to sneak around and escape the killer before he kills you and there’s two ways to do that. One you search around for five generaters and repair them.

Once all generators are up and running you have to find the exit doors there’s two in each map. When you find one of the doors you do the same thing as you do with the generators. You repair the power box to the door and escape from the killers clutches.

The second way to escape is alot harder. You have to wait until an escape hatch spawns and it’s only open for thirty seconds. After thirty seconds you have to have a skeleton key to unlock it to escape.

If you really dont want to be a survivor you have the choice to be the killer which is my favorite. The killers levels are just like the survivors there already set. The game play of a killer is from a first person perspective.

A killers objective is pretty simple actually. All you have to do is prevent the killers from escaping by chasing them down and killing them one by one, but how to kill them is the tricky part.

One way to kill the survivors is to chase them down, hit them twice with your weapon, pick them up and put them on any hook in the map. Now remember to keep an eye out for other survivors they can help other survivors off the hooks.

Another way you can kill the survivors is pretty simple and the most easiest way to kill them which is to knock them down and let them bleed out to death.

At first when I bought this game I wasn’t expecting what it had in store for me. I fell in love with it since day one. The details in the survivors and killers are right on the money, but not just that the soundtrack is pretty eerie and sends chills up my back just listening to it.

I truly recommend this game for anyone out there into horror survivor games like myself. This game has alot to offer and is so much fun. For three years this game has been expanding its roster of killers and survivors so this game always has surprises just around the corner. Just go check it out and see for yourself you wont be disappointed.

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