“John Carpenters: Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch #2” – Comic Review

Astrophysicist Marisa Stringfellow broke out of the observatory thinking she’d be able stop an alien entity on the rampage in the Antelope Valley desert. Lieutenant Pinkerton, meanwhile, thinks Stringfellow may be suffering from heatstroke. “How can you tell they’re aliens?”

“Because right before they kill you,” Stringfellow replies, “they’ll start to TWITCH…”

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Richard P. Clark
Lettering by Janice Chiang
Edited by Sandy King
Cover art by Tim Bradstreet

Twitch Issue #2 hits us with a very powerful flashback it seems. It’s 1940 nearly 21 years before Aldous Huxley lost his Beachwood Canyon Home that was destroyed. Aldous was nearly blind at the age of 46, however he seemed to have found a way to reverse his blindness. He would visit the southwestern American desert, he used visualization techniques in the blazing sunlight. Flash back to present day, literally a day before Twitch #1. We see Marisa’s colleague, Josh. Blinded by these extraterrestrials, he tries to call her. However vomits up his organs (seen in Issue One) and dropping his cell phone.

We finally get a last name for Marisa, and another name she is known by. Dr. Stringfellow, she met up with Officer Pinkerton. Mentioning that these events are from “little green men” aka extraterrestrials. Because of the news, the Officer suggests grabbing caffeine at a decent cheap place. Davey Jay’s, a small town restaurant where Ms. Stringfellow and the Officer chit chat. Marisa finally fills us in on what happened to her boss (Dr. Zelazny), it seems they were talking about planning a wedding when Dr. Zelazny blacked out and stabbed Josh who was sitting across from him. That’s also where we learn what happened to Josh, before he went blind.

Sample page from Tales of Science Fiction Twitch Issue #2

This is where I’ll say it gets intense, if not more telekinetic possesses. I don’t know if what I said in the first issue review still stands, but if there’s no signal when these people get possessed or mind controlled as it seems, then how? I guess the thinking continue’s to Issue 3, and hopefully we start getting a better understanding of how exactly these extraterrestrials are able to create an “army” of people, and what Marisa Stringfellow suggests seems to be the best possible answer. A hive mind. At this point I’m glad firstly that all five issues are out, and secondly thank goodness I didn’t have to wait month by month for the next issue. Tales of Science Fiction Twitch is getting amped up (literally) with people becoming “one of them”, and it’s only a matter of time before Marisa, and the Officer can’t do a damn thing to stop them.

Once again the art design is just amazingly well done, make sure to check out Richard’s other works. I’m wondering now if there isn’t some sort of signal that possesses people, then I wonder if it’s direct eye contact with the aliens. And if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, then why the hell are you still reading?

“Tales of Science Fiction will please any Sci-fi fans.”

Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch Issue #2 SIGNED by Richard Clark

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