She Walks The Woods: A Full Length Found Footage Horror Film Needs Your Support on Kickstarter!!

Every year, 1,600 people vanish in America’s National Parks. Now, a team of adventurers is about to find out why.

“She Walks The Woods” is an 80 minutes long found-footage feature film created by Cult Classic Horror (A Podcast founded by brothers Scotty and Danny Bohnen – aka, the “Blood Brothers” – and joined by their friend Robert O’Neil ).

Below are the details of the campaign, story, cast and other things for you to consider!

The Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign is live from June 25th 2019 and now only 29 days remain to grab the rewards! Wallpaper at $1, Full Digital Film at $10 and many more rewards await for you as a backer! An Early Backer Reward too- Back “She Walks The Woods” on Kickstarter in the first 72 hours to get this exclusive 11” x 17” poster FREE with any pledge $20 and above. Pledge before the end of the day Friday, June 28th 2019.

It is inspired by the likes of “Evil Dead” and “The Blair Witch Project” about four explorers who learn why hundreds of people disappear in our national parks every year. 

A monster's worst nightmare - the second amendment!
A monster’s worst nightmare – the second amendment!

Mike and Brad Rayburn host “Ultimate Survival”, a YouTube series about exploring and surviving in nature. Together with their camera man, Dennis, the thrill seekers are constantly trying to push the envelope to attract viewers.

When Dennis’ friend Hope offers her family’s isolated cabin as a shooting location, they jump at the chance – but the team is going to find more adventure then they bargained for. Because the woods are waiting for them. And the woods are hungry.

🎥Found footage horror can be immersive – but it can also be an excuse to cheap out on creatures, gore, and scares. 

👣That’s what makes “She Walks The Woods” so special – we’re not going to hide the good stuff behind found footage. 

This movie delivers – and the last fifteen minutes will scare the hell out of you! 

Official Trailer on FaceBook:-

Do you love isolation horror movies like “Evil Dead”? Are you scared of found footage movies like the “Blair Witch Project”? Do you find the forests of “Friday the 13th” terrifying?

Then you’ll love “She Walks The Woods.” 

“She Walks The Woods” is a raw found footage horror film with a creepy element of isolation in the rocky mountains.  “She Walks The Woods” will make you want to sleep with the lights on. Featuring:

  • 80 minutes of found-footage terror
  • Gut-wrenching monster gore
  • The first original horror film from Cult Classic Horror 

MEET THE CAST (& Learn more about their Acting Careers on the Kickstarter Page!):-

 Mike Rayburn (Danny Bohnen) 

Mike Rayburn is the driving force of the group and the web series they’re trying to create. He knows he’s not getting any younger and he’s out to capture the best footage possible, no matter what the cost.

Hope (Vivenne Edridge)

Hope is looking for excitement and adventure so when she finds out her old college “friend” Dennis is making a survival web series she rushes to offer up her parent’s land as a prime filming location.

 Dennis Copley (Jason Potter) 

Dennis is the tech geek and camera operator of the crew.  He’s very organized and knows his stuff.  He’s hopeful to spark up an old flame when Hope comes along. 

Brad Rayburn (Scotty Bohnen)

Brad Rayburn is Mike’s brother and he’s just out to have a good time.  He’s always joking around and seems easy-going but he loses his “cool” easily when under pressure. 

She (Jessie Nerud)

She is an ancient creature of unknown origin who roams the woods, feasting on any living thing she comes across. 

How many found footage films leave you feeling ripped off? How many cop out with a cheap camera trick to avoid showing you anything cool?

Not this one. “She Walks The Woods” actually pays off!

You can’t miss “She Walks The Woods” because:

  • No cop-outs: “She Walks The Woods” delivers the monster and the gore
  • “She Walks The Woods” won’t insult you with crappy acting and undeveloped characters
  • An immersive, isolationist found footage experience that will creep you out before it moves in for the kill!
"What's that sound? Better check it out!" said no one ever.
“What’s that sound? Better check it out!” said no one ever.

You should avoid “She Walks The Woods” if:

  • You’re already afraid of the dark
  • You suffer from insomnia or have trouble falling asleep
  • You’re an evil creature that lives in the woods and feeds on the innocent who is easily offended by violent portrayals of your species

Watch the first scene of the movie in this exclusive 5-minute sneak peak! Plus, go behind the scenes with a short interview with writers Scotty and Danny Bohnen. Click The Button Below :-

Pledge before the end of the day Friday, June 28 and get a FREE Early-Bird exclusive 11″x17″ poster with any pledge of $20 or more!

This poster is ONLY available to Early Bird backers, so don’t wait – because you do not want to miss it!

Free exclusive poster when you pledge $20 or more before Friday, June 28
Free exclusive poster when you pledge $20 or more before Friday, June 28

Reserve Your Copy Today by Backing the Project on Kickstarter! (Please Click Here)

Movie’s FaceBook Page

Movie’s IMDb Page

Contact Cult Classic Horror:-

Left to right: Scotty Bohnen, Danny Bohnen, and Robert O'Neal


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