“John Carpenters: Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch #3” – Comic Review

An alien entity is slowly gathering material to build a hive mind — and your brain is on its wish list! It’s up to the unlikely duo of an astrophysicist and an L.A. county sheriff to save humanity, one bullet at a time.

But it’s tough to aim straight when you can see dead people shambling toward you, and the end of the world just over the horizon, and your eyes begin to TWITCH…

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Richard P. Clark
Lettering by Janice Chiang
Edited by Sandy King
Cover art by Tim Bradstreet



One Year Ago, Marisa and Josh were I’m assuming on a date and drinking. They both were playing a game, one would point or Marisa would point to a star and Josh would guess how many light years away it was. It got to the point Josh was to drunk to calculate anymore. Present day we see an explosion hit the theme, Marisa hopefully Josh is still alright. By now I should mention from Twitch #2, Marisa is engaged with Josh. Now Marisa thinks it goes back to Josh, since he has been influenced, and can fight the hive mind from himself, he could stop those inflicting death upon the world.

Marisa reaches out to talk to Josh, through the police car radio (I’m assuming), Josh who is know in California is attacking people that then suddenly stops. Josh can hear Marisa, however cannot see. By telekinetic speeches, Josh was able to tell Marisa that he knows what they plan on doing and how to resolve the situation. Simply by destroying his brain. Then once done, it seems that the driver of the car in Twitch #1 and now the older lady from Twitch #2, are back to normal but still cannot see.

Sample page from Tales of Science Fiction Issue #3

Poor Marisa, sometimes what you know can affect those who love another. And it seems that it’s getting worse. Marisa went to the spot where they would go on dates to count stars, or at least where they adopted their star together. Officer Pinkerton now lost his partner, and Josh. Well let’s say, it looks like he wasn’t the main focus of the hive mind. Which means there’s something more to this than just a possible mind control.

Tales of Science Fiction Twitch Issue #3, is probably my favorite cover. Nice and simple and looks really creepy and straight to the point of what these extraterrestrials look like and can do to those in contact. The artwork once again from Richard is fantastic and just every flip of the page is just another reason to love his work, especially the one page with no dialogue and you can these things (Josh and others) in the observatory trans-parented with a nice shade of blue. I have to go with the fact that you become one of them, if you just look at them and possibly have an open mind. Which allows itself to take over? Especially if they can fool you by thinking there’s others around them, if there is any at all. One issue away from the finale, this five issue story could have become longer if possible. But it seems it could wrap up nicely within the last two remaining issues.

“If you need a good extra-terrestrial story,
Tales of Science Fiction Twitch is for you .”

Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch Issue #3 SIGNED by Richard Clark

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