Death Care Indie Horror Movie About Nurses & Dark Side of Health Care System Needs Your Support on IndieGoGo!

Based on real life experiences by Cameron Scott himself, revealing the dark side of the Health care system.

“A gang of Home Health Care Nurses are dispatched to terminate undesirable health care patients”

Welcome to Death Care “Care that kills”

The IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign is live! With 59 Days left, rewards to backers include IMDb credit for $5 , signed Blu-Ray for $35 and a limited edition Blu-Ray of Post Mortem, America 2021 Film for another $35, film props start from $100 and Producer credit from $250.

“Death Care” Fundrasier is an ALL NEW Movie project from HM&M Films, Rad Entertainment & Quattro Venti Scott Productions. Based on REAL LIFE events.

Director: Daniel Murphy

Writers: Cameron ScottTom Komisar (creator) (co-writer)

IndieGoGo Promo Video:-


Welcome to the “Death Care” Fundraiser, an ALL NEW Movie project from HM&M Films, Rad Entertainment & Quattro Venti Scott Productions. Thank you for taking the time to check it out, we are very excited about this project and although we can’t tell you much right now, we can tell you who we have involved so far such as Lynn Lowry, Maria Olsen, Linnea Quigley & Helen Udy!

  • We are HM&M Films, Quattro Venti Scott Productions & Rad Entertainment, we have produced 8 feature Films to date, Including And then YOU die! Blood Moon River, Kill Dolly Kill (Troma) & Post Mortem, America 2021 & the Rad Entertainment Short Film “June”. Two of these HM&M Film’s features will be distributed later this year via Wild Eye Releasing! We are hoping that Death Care will be our biggest project yet! We have already been contacted by 3 Distribution Companies regarding Death Care, so please help us increase production Value & Hype, get involved! this film is for EVERYONE! Jump on board and take some credit.
  • We have an amazing cast and story, but we need YOUR help to make this a reality!
  • We don’t often ask for help but we need YOU on this one! Keep reading to find out how you can help, and get involved, plus you could walk away owning a piece of this film forever!

We have begun filming but we have more to shoot this summer With Linnea Quigley & Monique Dupree then we will wrap it up the film in the Spring of 2020. This is where you come in…

What We Need & What You Get:

Keep reading to find out how you can own a copy of the film FIRST! or grab a screen used item or special effect and become a part of this new Grindhouse style Horror Film from HM&M Films, Quattro Venti Scott Productions & Rad Entertainment! Coming Fall 2020.

  • Our Biggest cost for the remainder of the shoot will be in our cast and S.F.X. We have a great cast & crew and some amazing locations already locked in, but getting some of our cast here will require your help.
  • Take a look at some of the perks we have to offer. Some of these perks are ONE OF A KIND! So act fast as they are on a first come first served basis. We are currently offering Movie Pre orders, Screen Used Wardrobe, S.F.X by Marcus Koch, Producer perks & More
  • This movie will happen regardless, but it will be so much Greater with your help and we want you all to be involved!

Who is Involved?

The cast so far, in no particular order (More cast to be announced very soon):-

  • Lynn Lowry has been cast as Nurse Sister Mary Wolfhardt (Black Wardrobe Upgrade available in Dresses Perk, $150 more)
  • Linnea Quigley has been cast as Lily Killwell (Nightgown Wardrobe available in Gowns Perk, $150 more)
  • Maria Olsen has been cast as Warden Smithers. (Grey Wardrobe Upgrade available in Dresses Perk, $100 more)
  • Helene Udy has been cast as a Nurse. (Wardrobe Upgrade available in Dresses Perk, $100 more)
  • Cameron Scott as Caleb Thompson. (Wardrobe available in Gowns Perk, $50 more)
  • Eric Reaume as Benny. (Wardrobe available in Gowns Perk, $50 more)
  • Scott Tepperman as been cast as Manny. (Wardrobe available in Gowns Perk, $50 More)
  • Tom Komisar as Doctor Killwell.  (Wardrobe available in Gowns Perk, $50 more)
  • Jason Schneider as Detective Miller.
  • Daniel Murphy as Hooper.
  • Jerry Reeves as Stitch Mouth.
  • Monique Dupree as Beatrice Jones​.
  • Joel D. Wynkoop as The Custodian. 
  • Julie Anne Prescott, Kaylee Williams, Brittany Blanton, Trisha Clark, Cara McConnell, Andie Noir, Dixie Gers, Roni Jonah, Sarah Giercksky, Constance Medrano, Rebekah Erb, Theophania Adams, Cayt Feinics, Lucian Cline,  Lindsey McIntire, Courtney Clark, Sophia Baker, Daniel Goad, Tony Walters, Harry McCane, Marcus Koch & Kevin LaRose.  (Wardrobes available, Select your Nurse’s Name in the Product Options)

Full Cast & Crew List on IMDb



IndieGoGo Campaign Page

Past Work (Post Mortem, America 2021) Trailer:-

POST MORTEM, AMERICA 2021 is a neo-western action thriller that is a throwback to the Grindhouse films of yesteryear. Set in the not too distant future where the end of the world is imminent, murder and death is commonplace, and the dead walk the Earth! Starring Linnea Quigley as a lethal woman hellbent on revenge in a time where there is no law! With an all-star cast of independent film and B-Movie icons, filled with hungry zombies, grueling torture and more cruelty than you can possibly handle!! [Check out the IMDb Page]


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Our Latest Interview:-

Interview: Cameron Scott (Writer) | Death Care

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