DEAD STATIC- Found Footage Horror Film (Anthology) Review & Full Film Link

 Experience Vermont’s Most Haunted Places.

Without spoiling, I review DEAD STATIC & also include the YouTube link in this article for you to watch it for free. Dead Static is a horror film anthology of found footage from Vermont’s most haunted places including Emily’s Bridge, Green Mount Cemetery, and The Pittsford Haunted House. Written & directed by Owen Mulligan (DeadFi Productions) published in Oct 2014. Starring Rose Beverly, Paul Dulski, Erika Duran, Zak Frederick, Chris Kenworthy, & Katie Kenworthy.

Spoiler-Free Review:-

Vermont State of the USA has its own set of paranormal incidents and folktale. Dead Static is an attempt at showing us the 3 of the most talked folktales in a way that would feel familiar to the ghost hunting TV shows or online videos that show the footage of investigating the real places. Dead Static film is different than the usual ghost hunting videos as it has cut major parts of the boring EVP wait and watch scenes that make some horror fans dread watching the usual ghost hunting shows. It lets you see the places immediately and there are no time wasting dialogues. It’s called an anthology as the three incidents feel like 3 short films bundled together in this compilation showing 3 of many Vermont Haunting incidents from 3 perspectives– Normal skeptics testing out folktale, semi-professional paranormal investigators and finally, a team of Horror Show- Haunted Vermont.

Dead Static shows the Emily’s Bridge (or Gold Brook Bridge ) first. This is when we are first introduced to our protagonists, who don’t look or behave like professional paranormal investigators. This is why it feels so natural and fun to watch, as they get their car on the bridge in the night and weird things start happening. They see scratches on their car and then decide to get inside the car and escape… But can they?

The second location is Green Mountain Cemetery at 12:35 AM. At this location, we get to see some usual EVP and professional paranormal investigation done by a team of 3 people. We meet Sara, Amber and Marty, as they enter this haunted commentary. Thankfully, not a lot of time is spent listening to grainy noise and they start feeling that something’s wrong… Marty runs to the car and looks back to see that Sara and Amber are missing. Now, he must find Sara and Amber to escape the cemetery alive.

The third and final part shows the Haunted Vermont show team visiting The Pittsford Haunted House of Vermont with the mystery of sightings of a dead girl at the window of the house. This section feels nothing short of a Hollywood film as we see some locals getting interviewed and then we see the show’s host taking an appointment to do a shoot of the house with permission of the caretaker.

The next day, the team visits the house but things look too quiet. The door is open and the caretaker is not seen. Assuming that the caretaker must be inside, they both enter the house and start looking for the caretaker while exploring the creepy house which is nothing short of a spectacle. Despite being day time outside, the house is very dark and creepy inside. Reminding me of Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 game. The things inside the house and the direction, reminds me of Warren’s Room of Artifacts from Conjuring 2 and Annabelle Comes Home. It’s that well made. It’s fascinating to see what they find and how it all ends.

The cast and crew have done a great job in this anthology. Everything feels natural and there’s no over-acting or artificial fear visible. Since these films seem to be found footage and POV (point of View) type of films, the camera zooms out or blurs sometimes, which may distract some but it is there to make it feel genuine. There’s no music since it’s a Found Footage genre of film but the ending credits sound was surely creepy. There’s some bad language in the first part, and none that I could hear in the 2nd or 3rd one. There’s no direct violence shown but there’s some blood. No nudity or suggestive content but it’s very creepy and scares you at some points, so, definitely a PG-13 title but not R rated.

What could make this film better was perhaps, different type of endings for each short film but what we see here increases the scare factor and creepiness of the film, as the endings may feel similar but the way things play out are very different as the 3 locations are quite different from each other. Thus, I think it was a good decision as the main focus of any Found Footage horror is to scare the audience. Also, we don’t get to see the camera person actors or actresses on screen but only hear their voices, which seems unfair because every person needs to have some screen time. It’s not noticeable in the Cemetery part as the camera is handled by two characters but it’s noticeable in the Bridge and Haunted House part, as we never or rarely get to see the other character. But I think it was a necessary sacrifice to keep the dialogues to the point and avoid a bloated and boring mess that some Found Footage movies tend to become.

Overall, DEAD STATIC feels like a well edited, fast paced and entertaining Found Footage/POV horror film anthology which is fun to watch for the fans of Found Footage horror movies. It establishes genuine creepy atmosphere with the realistic cinematography, genuine acting by the cast, and great direction by Owen Mulligan. If there was no disclaimer in the end, I would have thought that these were real found footage clips and these incidents actually happened. That’s the best way to describe, how realistic and genuine this anthology feels like. A must watch since it’s such a well made Found Footage anthology besides the fact that it is free to watch on YouTube.

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About DeadFi Productions:-

DeadFi Productions is an American independent film production company based in Burlington, Vermont. The company was founded by Owen Mulligan and Jay Vos in 2009 to produce micro-budget, feature-length films, primarily of the horror and sci-fi genres.

Their first feature-length film “Incident at Montauk” is now available on Amazon Video and POV Horror.

Twitter of DeadFi (@DeadFi)

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