Don’t Even Think- A New Free to Play Asymmetric PvP Survival Game on PS4 & PC!

Dark Horse Studio and Perfect World Games have announced that their free-to-play battle royale survival game, Don’t Even Think, launched for the PlayStation 4 in North America on Wednesday, July 10th, 2019.

Don’t Even Think is an asymmetric player-versus-player (PvP) survival game set in 2037 AD during a time of recession and turmoil around the world. With natural disasters adding to humanity’s woes, countries are resorting to seeking assistance from a security company called DET-i that is known to simulate “all kinds of extreme disasters” in Prism City.

Official Release Date Trailer:-

The game gives the battle royale genre a different concept. The battles will be more interesting and exciting. During an intense battle, fighting alone will not be a wise decision. When the time is right, you might get an unexpected result by cooperating with other players. Collect information, analyze the information, and make your strategy work will be the key to your victory.

In the game, players can choose to play as “Humans” or “Werewolf”.

——The warriors who survive at dawn In the game,

humans are combat units that use guns to attack. Three humans will form a team and there will be multiple teams. The silver bullets are an effective way to deal with the werewolves, however, they are rare, and they need to be loaded into revolvers. Humans need to find weapons and ammo during the cold night. They need to collect the resources and keep themselves warm while looking for the information that will help them escape. By boarding the plane by the dawn, the humans will claim the victory.

—— The hunters who are heartless and ferocious

Werewolves are individual units with incredible close combat abilities, breaking the battle balance of the human teams, and turning it into an asymmetric survival situation. Werewolves need to find rotten bodies and drink their blood to acquire powerful abilities. They need to locate the humans by the light and smoke, hunting them down when the time is right. By eliminating the humans and stop them from escaping, werewolves will be able to claim the victory.

Live or die, you should never give up.

When facing adversity, weak animals choose to escape and give up, while the wolves choose to fight.

Key Features:-

  • Join the DET-i: We provide everything you wanted! Take a look at what the world outside has turned into. You gotta be quick on your feet, you know damn well what the DET-i can offer you. You want your family to worry about your life? Join the DET-I: We provide everything you wanted!
  • Man up! This will be your new life now. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what merits you’ve earned in the past. Whether you were homeless, bullied, bankrupt, or a criminal, here, you do what you’re supposed to do! Man up! This will be your new life now.
  • You’ll never get what you want standing like a fool here. Fired a gun before? Or you are waiting for me to pray for you? Get your ass to the battlefield, go get shot, lose a few parts. You’ll never get what you want standing like a fool here.
  • Shut up, hold your breath, and don’t bite the bullets! Remember! Curiosity kills the cat! You see the tower? Don’t even think about climbing it. Weird scene? Don’t wet your pants. Shut up, hold your breath, and don’t bite the bullets!

Don’t Even Think – Launch Trailer (PS4):-

Open Beta for Hong Kong PSN users :-


2037 AD: The world economy is in a recession, political turmoil is rife. Possessing core technologies in various essential fields, DET-i has become the world’s largest and foremost security company. 
DET-I established a research base named Prism City and signed contracts with multiple countries and major organizations, offering training and battle simulation services to them. 
To optimize the data gained from battle simulations, these countries and organizations allowed DET-I to recruit participants from all over the world by any means necessary. 
As one of the participants, you must try your best to survive these ruthless games and discover the secrets of DET-I.
In beta version, you will experience the fast-paced battle royale of 8 people in the Mini Fight mode. To be or not to be, you will not have time to think about this.


DON’T EVEN THINK – Open Beta First Look Gameplay on PS4 by a YouTuber called “ArchoEyrda” (Dec 2018 footage, the game might have improved a lot since then and new features/monsters might have been added. Please contact the Game Studio for any clarifications):-

Official Website of the Game DET for more information:-

Official Twitter (Please contact for any queries):-

FaceBook Page:-

Articles about the game (More sources):-

PlayStationLifestyle Blog

Gematsu site

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